It is quite obvious how Google has diverted its focus to Nexus phone. It is said that the Kitkat was turning point of Android. Android 4.4 Kitkat improved performance and it allowed the devices with low specs to experience the best of Android.

Emerging Software, Design and Markets

While attending the great Google I/O conference. It was clear how Google is hungry for the domination of not only its own market but also the undeveloped markets online. The increase in number of low-cost devices and increase of Chinese OEM worldwide prove the cause.

Now even the affordable Android smartphones have made it to the Africa. These are few things we have been discussing in recent months, cheap and affordable smartphones. Chinese OEMs and the Android together, which is way more exciting to hear rather than the releasing of Android Nougat. This upcoming update is just about preferencing the services. Although there are some new useful features in Android Nougat.

Nexus Phone

It looks like Android plan has actually started to work, a plan that intends to expand the reach of their original and useful features using Android to each smartphone. And I think Android Kitkat has provided foundation and platform to achieve this goal.

The Nexus in the Age of Compromises:

General people think it’s the material design, new features and specs that define the greatness of smartphone, But as people grow with their experience with smartphones. We have now concluded that people are looking for reliable smartphone with useful features instead of a shiny new smartphones.

Let us consider the Nexus Smartphones. There are a lot of things worth considering about the new nexus phones which makes it great. We are looking for two new models, successor of Nexus 5X codenamed as Nexus Sailfish And and Nexus Marlin which is said to be next iteration of Nexus 6P. But the main point worth considering is, will these both smartphone be consistent and well performing. You can always get a Nexus phone at low cost, it would rather be foolish of google to pull it off it’s tradition.

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We all have an idea how great Nexus 6P is, amazing performance and good camera. It only suffered because if its price, and that’s why sales of Nexus 6P were very low as compared to Nexus 5. But I believe that the new smartphones of Nexus will do much better than its predecessors. First thing to look is the price tag and affordability, that Nexus maintained till Nexus 5. The affordability line was crossed by the Motorola few years back with Nexus 6 and it didn’t turn out well for Google.

High Expectations

The Nexus phones has the potential to bring users to see the future of Android, Nexus fans expect a lot from these devices. But believe me, everyone expects a lot from Nexus devices. It now seems clear that the conventional smartphones will become less attractive for the consumers. The devices which offer better services, new features and many offering can take the market from hardware and bring it on the services and OS.

Now we also see that Apple and Microsoft are already moving forward with their brands. Google is already facing a lot of pressure, although the fate of Lumia smartphones with Windows 10 seems very uncertain. Now It depends upon google how it is going to plan and allocate resource effectively. All in all Google still stands above other organisations.

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