Getting your phone stolen or losing it somewhere can be a real nightmare. These days when every single personal detail and information is stored in your smartphones. Like credit card details, residence details and everything. It can be a real issue if some stranger gets his hands on your phone. Apart from it, phone is works as a stockpile of memories. All the great memories and moments are stored in the form of pictures, videos, messages or notes. You only realise importance of your phone one its lost and you can’t find it any where. So if you think your HTC 10 is either stolen or its misplace. I have a guide that will help you track lost htc 10 remotely. It will track your phone’s location and display it on Google Maps.

How to Track Lost HTC 10 on Google Map

Now moving on to the guide on how to track lost HTC 10. The service that I am going to use is Android device manager. It allows the user to perform number of features on their phone remotely using PC or some other smartphone. All you need is your Google/Gmail account credentials, that you used on your phone to sign up on Google play store or gmail. Using that email you can access your phone remotely. When you will login to Android device manager you will see all your devices associated with that specific email address. Once you have selected HTC 10 from that list. You can perform following functions on your phone remotely.

  • Locate your phone and pin point to its location on Google Map.
  • Ring your phone at Maximum volume even if its on silent. (This feature can be useful if you have lost your HTC 10 inside home and you cant find it)
  • Lock your phone if you are sure you are never going to see your phone again. Using this feature you can lock your phone and display a custom message on its screen along with your contact number. So if someone finds it, he can give you a call that your phone is found, take it from me.
  • Erase if you scared that your personal data present inside HTC 10 might get into hands of some stranger. Then you can use this feature to erase all the data present inside your phone. Including pictures, videos, texts, calendar events, credit card details. Just the external SD wont be wiped through this feature.

Now follow the steps below to track lost HTC 10 remotely and display its location on Google Maps:

  • First of all head to Android Device Manager Site
  • Login using your Gmail ID that you used on your phone for Google Play Store, Google Photos or Gmail.
  • Once you are logged in. You will see location of your phone on Google Maps.
  • If your device is offline. You will see screen like below. It will show you the time and date when your phone was last online and it will display you all the features that you can apply on your phone remotely.


That’s all on how to track HTC 10 remotely using Android device manager. If you have any questions regarding the guide above feel free to ask. I hope that you successfully locate your phone and get it back using Android Device Manager. I would recommend you that you should lock your phone if you can’t find it as it will protect your data from getting into wrong hands. HTC 10 is a great phone, you better take care of it next time. Keep on supporting us so that this guide reaches maximum people who have lost their HTC 10 and don’t have any way to get it back.

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Nick Stevenson
Nick Stevenson
3 years ago

is the location exact?

Abdullah Akbar Shafi
3 years ago
Reply to  Nick Stevenson

Yes the location is precise to 10-20 meters.