Locate lost android device or phone

It has always been no fun whenever you lose your Android device, whether it is by means of it getting stolen or if you have your device on silent and apparently forgot the place where you last put it. Google, however, finally has a workaround for such an issue where you have the ability to locate the location of your device, lock it and even factory wipe the entire device if you feel like you are in danger of your private data falling into the wrong hands. See the guide below on how to locate lost Android device.

Google has introduced the Android Device Manager. Now knows as Android find my device. It can be used to locate your device and provide you with the functionality required in order to either locate, lock or wipe your Android device. Android Device Manager will locate your Android device itself without you having to do a thing about it. It is a service provided to all Android users. You can utilize it and take advantage of the functionalities that it provides.

Explained below is a simple step by step guide on how to Locate Lost Android Device.

Its as simple as it gets. There’s only one compulsion in order for this trick to work. You need to have your Gmail account signed in to your Android device, which probably always is for that matter.

How To Locate Lost Android Device:

To get started on how to Locate Lost Android Device, all you need to do is visit the Android Device Manager using your home PC or your personal laptop.

  • The login screen would appear.

Locate Lost Android Device

  • Just fill in your Gmail account and the password and sign in to the Android Device Manager.
  • Right away, another screen will appear with a map on it, some information about your device along with a  couple of options for you to play around with, as shown in the screenshot below.

Locate Lost Android Device

  • Once inside the Android Find my device. You will be able to see a small dialogue box (on the top-left corner) of the screen. It shows the time when your device was last located along with the city in which it was located and the date when the device last went online. As seen on the map, the ADM also pinpoints the exact location of your Android device on that particular date and time so you can easily track down a stolen Android device, if it isn’t too late for that.

Other features of Android Find my Device that can be used Remotely to locate lost Android phone:

The other two functionalities that this service provides in the case when you device is stolen are the Lock and the Erase options. The lock option automatically generates a new passcode and locks your device. So, if your device is with someone who actually knows the passcode, the person still won’t be able to get inside of it. The erase option lets you factory wipe your entire data in case you’re worried about your private data falling into the wrong hands.

The last and the most important feature of ADM is the third option: the Ring. Pressing this option prompts a confirmation box, asking you whether you would like to ring your device or not. This option can be used in cases when your device is on silent and you forgot where you put it. So instead of tearing the entire place upside down just to find your lost device, you can now always log in to ADM and ring your device. Choosing to ring will ring your device for 5 minutes at the maximum volume. Once located, you can turn off the ring by pressing and holding the power button for a little over than 2 seconds.

Let’s wrap this up. Locating your android device has never been this easy. This simple 2-step guide saves a lot of time and guarantees that you do locate your Android Device. If you have any issues regarding how to Locate Lost Android Device write to us in the comments.

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