format SDcard from Recovery Menu

A corrupted SD card can be a headache, it can cause your phone or PC to not even detect it. You can format SDcard from recovery menu as well as from your PC. If you have partitioned your SDcard or your SDcard is not working properly then maybe it’s time to format SDcard, it will fix the issues. If your PC is not detecting you can format SDcard from recovery menu.

There is not an option to format SDcard in stock recovery. In order to format, you will have to have a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP. Use this guide to install a custom recovery on your Android phone. Find the right TWRP recovery for your phone, and then flash it using the step to step guide in the link.

How to format SDcard from Recovery Menu:

If you are unable to access your SDcard and it is corrupted, don’t lose hope. In the following steps, I will cover how can you format SDcard from recovery menu of your android phone.

  1. First of all turn off your phone.
  2. Go to Recovery Menu. Press Volume Up + Home button + Power button at a time and keep on holding till you see android logo and recovery menu on the screen of your phone.
  3. Now use volume buttons to navigate to mounts and storage. Press the power button to select.
  4. Now move to format /storage/sdcard1 . Use power button to select this option.
    Note: storage/sdcard0 is the internal storage of your Android phone. Formatting it will delete all the data present in your phone. But external card or you may also call it SDcard1 is external storage, formatting it will only delete the data present inside the external card.
  5. After pressing the power button it will ask you for File system you want for your SDcard. If you know about the file system of your phone, select it. Otherwise, if you don’t know the file system of your phone then just go for the default.
  6. Now you will ga et confirmation message. Select Yes – Format device.
  7. Now your SDcard will be formatted. It will take came time. And when it’s done you will see a message in the log as in the screenshot below.


If you want to know more about Android File Storage system then see this comprehensive post. It will eliminate all of your confusions.

That’s all from my side. If you have any issue regarding how to format SDcard from Recovery Menu then let me know in the comments. You can also give us your feedback in the comments. If you know a better solution of fixing a corrupt SDcard then you should share with all of us. Don’t forget to subscribe, so that you never miss any guide or news on Android.

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