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If you have issues while texting and Android messenger lagging on Nexus phone. Don’t worry! It is not something new. we have it’s working fix for you. I have been noticing this lagging in the Android messenger from past couple of weeks on my phone. While trying to figure out its solution. I came up with following methods that helped me to get back the required performance. The most prominent issue was the delay in sending and receiving texts and the messenger was not as smooth as it should be.

The solutions mentioned below are simple and easy to perform. It will most likely eliminate Android messenger lagging on any Nexus phone. This problem is very much prominent in old nexus phones like Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. While the latest smartphones are not much affected by this issue.

Fix Android Messenger Lagging on Nexus Phone:

It’s been a year or so when Android messenger was struck with some update that made it really hard to use. It was then fixed by an update. But if Android messenger is still lagging even after the updates, then most probably the problem lies somewhere in your phone. Which we are gonna tackle by the methods below:

  • Clearing the cache of messenger along with other apps can prove out to be a handful solution for you. To clear cache of Google Messenger, go to Settings -> Apps -> Select Messenger -> Clear Cache.
  • To clear the cache of the whole system, you will have to perform it from the recovery menu. Use this guide if you are using a Nexus phone. Clearing cache won’t just fix Google messenger lagging on Android, it will also improve the overall performance of your phone.
  • Note: Clearing Cache will not delete your texts or any data.

  • I noticed that the lag was because of one long conversation. When I deleted those messages. My phone was a lot better.
  • 3rd party keyboards are a major reason for slowing down typing and response of Google messenger. See this list of some great keyboards. Some of these keyboards are lightweight and consume very less RAM. Might help you to overcome Google messenger lagging on Android.
  • Another reason which causes this lag in messenger is not enough space for the operating system to perform efficiently. The Android operating system is developed in a way that it makes use of internal storage when there isn’t enough RAM. So if there is very less free space in your Android phone then this may be the reason of your Google messenger lagging. Make sure your phone has at least 1GB free in its internal storage.
  • Above steps will most probably solve the problem of google messenger lagging on android phone. If even after performing the above steps your messenger is still lagging. then maybe it’s time to change your default messenger app.
  • There are a great number of apps that can be used asthe default messenger on Android. Android has this great customization ability that allows users to customize the phone to great extent.
  • One of the most famous, fast and efficient app as a replacement for Google Messenger is Textra. Download it from here and give it a try on your phone. You will surely love it.
  • Also check out this list of apps that can be used as a replacement for Google Messenger on your Android phone.

If nothing works, know that performing factory reset will make your phone fresh as new. Perform a hard factory reset on your phone. But if you don’t want to lose your data and you are reluctant to perform a factory reset. Because you are gonna lose your data. Then proceed with the other solution which is mentioned below. (Although you can back up each and everything of your phone on the cloud or your PC using this guide before you perform a factory reset).

Fix Android Messenger Lagging on Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 or Nexus 6P:

There is another method that can help you fix the lag while texting on nexus phones. Without deleting any of your text messages.

  1. First of all, install some other text messenger app like Chomp SMS or Textra.
  2. Now open the app. It will ask you to set the app as the default texting app. Confirm it. You can also change the default text messaging app from the settings.
  3. Once you have changed the default texting app. Now go to Settings -> Apps -> Select Messenger -> Storage -> Clear Data and disable the app. It will give you a notification that disabling it will delete all the data. Go for it. Your text messages won’t be deleted by performing this step.Android Messenger lagging on NexusNow enable the Android Messenger again. Go to Messenger and again set it as your default messenger.

Now your messenger will work as new and there will be no Android messenger lagging on your phone. This is self implemented and working fix.

That’s all from our side. I hope the above methods will solve android messenger lagging on nexus phone. If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comments. We are always open for your suggestions and recommendations. If you have any other fix to this problem then do let us know in the comments. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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