Download Picturesque v2.6 APK

Picturesque is one of the best apps for lock screens. It is developed by Microsoft and it has all the new features and options that makes it one of the best independent lockscreen for Android operating system phones. You can download Picturesque v2.6 APK file from below or you can also download from Google Play Store from the link below.

If you are tired of your Android phone’s basic lock screen may be this is the time to get something new and better. Gizmodo has called this app as one of the best apps for lockscreen. It also got the award from Business ETC top 5 app of the week. If you are looking for some new ideas to change lock screen of your Android phone. This is the best option. Picturesque is one of the best lock screen replacement app that deserves your phone. It has great number of features, few of them are mentioned below:

  • Great wallpaper that change every day from Microsoft everyday.
  • Get live score from sports all around the world.
  • Assign priority to notifications, you can also customise notifications to great extent.
  • Favourite apps present right on the lock screen.
  • News and search option.
  • Pin, Pattern and password lock screen options.
  • Quick access to flashlight, Wi-Fi and bluetooth.
  • Music player right on your lockscreen.

Download Picturesque v2.6 APK on Android and Windows

Microsoft is the developer of this app and they have worked hard time to make it bug free and one of the best apps for lockscreen in the whole world of Android apps. It is without a doubt, the best looking lock screen app on Android phone. I really wish it was present in Apple app store as well and apple gave such bility to customise the user interface to such great extent.

It’s a great app for lock screen which has not bugs in the latest version.If you cant access Google Play Store then use the link below to download the APK file or you can also download from Google Play Store.

If you don’t have a clue on how to download and instal Picturesque v2.6 APK on your Android phone then follow the below steps.

  1. First of all download the Picturesque v2.6 APK file and place it in your Android phone.
  2. Now go to Settings -> Security -> Enable Download from Unknown Sources.
  3. Now open the downloaded APK file on your phone and give it the required permission.
  4. Thats it now open the app from app drawer and enjoy the new lock screen.

If you have access then use the following link to download from Google Play Store:

Download Picturesque from Google Play Store.

If you have any issue or query regarding how to download picturesque on your android phone from Google Play Store or APK file then let me know in the comments. If you have any other problem let me know in the comments. Subscribe to keep up to date to news, reviews and how to guides on Android, iOS and Windows.

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