Top 5 file explorer apps for android phone

After the privacy issues and constant annoying ads, may be it’s time to move away from ES manager. There are loads of file managers out there, some are open source some are paid, each with its own unique features. Selecting the right tool for managing your files totally depends on how you want to manage. There are number of file managers, present in the Android world. Check out the following top 5 file manager apps for Android phones.

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

The following list of top 5 file manager apps for android is totally based on my opinion, you might agree or may be you won’t like them. But to me these file manager apps seemed to be best match for keeping my files and giving me quick access to them. Now let’s check out the list.


Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

MiXplorer is no doubt the best file manager for Android phones. It is developed by renowned developer at XDA. It has great easy to use interface along with great number of features that allow you to manage your files. Great thing is that it does not have any ads and its free for all. Downside of MiXplorer is that it is not present in the Google play. To install it you will have to download its APK file from the XDA thread and install it on your phone.


Download MiXplorer from XDA

Download APK file of MiXplorer version 6.3.2

Solid Explorer

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

Well the best file explorer according to the XDA developers community and general people on social networks, both have mutual say that Solid explorer is the best File manager for Android phones out there. It has beautiful interface with solid colors. It is fast and very efficient. Although its a paid app, but the money is totally worth it. And the developer has not put any ads on the app interface so he got to earn from somewhere for developing for such a great app. One of the great feature of Solid Explorer is its cloud service support. Every renowned cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox can be integrated with the app.

Download Solid Explorer from Google play Store.

FX File Explorer

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Phone

If you are annoyed while using ES file explorer because of ads, but you cant just move away from it because you are so used to it. Then this file explorer is right substitute. Its quite related to ES File manager. Arrangement of files in this app is quite same it is in ES file manager. One of the unique feature that FX explorer has to offer is its multi window feature. you can use it to drag files from one folder to another. Without having to copy paste.

Download FX File Explorer from Google Play Store.

Tomi File Manager

Top 5 file explorer apps for android phone

Tomi file manager has great number of features, it can be used to manage music, documents, pictures. Each and every format of file in a really easy manner. The interface of this app is very alluring. It is powerful and it has really very good graphical representation of each and every feature. You can download Tomi file manager from Google play store for free. It can be also used to manage APK files on your phone. It also gives access to downloaded files and its quite useful for management of downloaded files.


Download Tomi File Manager from Google Play Store.

Amaze File Manager

Top 5 file explorer apps for android phone

Amaze File manager is one of the most lightweight file manager. it has great easy to use interface and although its features are basic but its quite a good app that can be used as everyday file manager app on Android Phone. It doesn’t have any ads.

Download Amaze File Manager from Google Play Store.

There are other great file managers in Android, which couldnt make it to this list of top 5 file manager apps for Android phones. If you want to give your view regarding some other file manager app. Feel free to drop comment below. If you don’t agree with this list of Top 5 file manager apps for android phone, share with us your thoughts. Get these apps or just one out of them in your phone and let us know about your experience.

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4 years ago

Can you check N File Manager. It’s another File Manager app For Android.


4 years ago

Google published new software named “Android file transfer”. We can transfer file between Android to Mac.

Kade Porter
Kade Porter
4 years ago

I use Androzip pro. It is at least equal in functions, features and user interface to any of the five listed in this article. I guess it’s more about which app you use first, with the stuff you like, than any single app being the best. That is becoming a common thread with a lot of different types of apps. None really stand out anymore and many are basically the same as any other app of any particular type