Two Whatsapp Accounts

Whatsapp is the most commonly used instant messaging application. Because of its user friendly user interface and flawlessness, it is one of the best messaging apps with 700 million active users in 2016. Many Whatsapp users want to run more than one Whatsapp account on a same device but, unable to do so because Whatsapp doesn’t allow this. For this they have to buy a new smartphone. But now, the problem is over. You can run and manage two Whatsapp accounts on a single smartphone device at the same time without deactivating one.

To run two Whatsapp accounts on android device, you had to use other applications like GB or OG Whatsapp. In this article, we will explain you how you can run two Whatsapp accounts by just simply downloading “Parallel Space“. Follow the steps enlisted below.

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Run Two Whatsapp Accounts

  1. First of all, open Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Navigate to search bar and type the name of an app “Parallel Space”. Tap on the app from the search results and then tap on “Download“. The app will start downloading.
  3. After the installation process completes, tap on “Open” to run the Parallel Space.

Two Whatsapp Accounts

  1. Once the app opens, you will see a “+” (plus) sign at the bottom center of your screen. Tap on it.

Two Whatsapp Accounts

  1. As soon as you tap the “+” (plus) sign, a new window will be displayed where the list of apps will be displayed that are already installed on your smartphone. Scroll through the list and find Whatsapp. Choose Whatsapp from there.

Two Whatsapp Accounts

  1. Once you select Whatsapp from the list, it will be added in your Parallel Space. In order to launch the Whatsapp application, just tap on it.

Two Whatsapp Accounts

  1. Now add your number to activate Whatsapp and then add your credentials to activate your account.

You can login to your other Whatsapp account on the same device and use two Whatsapp accounts at a time. Now, your second account is ready to use. You now have access to two Whatsapp accounts at the same time without using any secondary application. This is actually a clone of your original application.

You can also use Parallel Space to use multiple applications like Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications with different accounts at the same time. Let us know if you have any query regarding how to use two Whatsapp accounts in Android smartphone. Leave us a comment if you want to add anything in the above guide.

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