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HTC 10 was released recently, It was announced a week back. The new flagship of HTC has premium body, along with great audio and the best thing about HTC 10 is that its interface is customizable to a great extent. In the world of great smartphone HTC 100 seems to be a phone that is good enough. Its performance is competitive to Nexus 6P whereas you can get a 6P for way less money. Its battery is not as good as the latest flagships of Samsung that is Galaxy S7. In one feature HTC 10 seems to have crossed its competitors that is audio quality. I have been looking for the wallpapers of HTC since I saw it in its announcement day.. They seem to be pretty great. So I gathered all the wallpapers and you can Download HTC 10 stock wallpapers QHD from below.

Download HTC 10 stock wallpapers QHD:

Download HTC 10 stock wallpapers QHD zip file.

  • Use ZArchiver to unzip the above file directly on your Android phone. you can download it from playstore.

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The HTC 10 has great aluminium body and angular cuts that give it premium look. HTC is known for producing stylish phones, the look and feel of this new phone seem great, but the price is quite high which makes people wonder if its worth all that money.

The interface of HTC 10 is customizable to great extent, although it is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow the interface is HTC Sense. HTC is said to develop the upcoming Nexus phones for 3 years. That’s why things seem to be very good between Google and HTC. As the default web browser is Google Chrome and Music player is of Google that is Play Music and the app for Pictures is Google Photos.



HTC 10 has 2 speakers, so the audio quality is quite great and impressive. The HTC 10 is compatible with Apple Airplay as well. So that you can directly stream audio from the phone to Apple TV. The phone also uses Quick Charge 3.0 technology which gives you 50% charge in just thirty minutes. If you have any issue regarding how to download HTC 10 stock wallpapers QHD on your phone let me know in the comments.

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