Backup Nexus 6 on Windows PC

Keeping a backup of your phone on cloud or PC is essential these days. Modern-day smartphones like Nexus 6 gives you an option to backup data on cloud storage like Google Drive. The space on the cloud is limited unless you pay for it. Whereas PC’s have a lot of storage capacity and it can easily backup all of your data and you can later restore it on your phone. In the following post, I will be covering how to backup Nexus 6 on Windows PC using Helium App.

Backups can come really handy at times, like if your phone gets stolen or its had a fall and it no longer works. There are times when you have to send the phone for replacement because it no longer works, but you don’t want to replace because it has all your personal data and memories in the form of pictures and videos. You also need to backup if your phone starts lagging and you want to perform a factory reset but you are reluctant because you will lose all your data.

How to Backup Nexus 6 on Windows PC:

I looked into many apps for making a backup, but there were few reservations with them. Like few required root access and few did not backup all the things with the free version. So, in the end, I decided to use helium app to backup nexus 6 on Windows PC.

Moving on to the guide, there are two methods from which you can make a backup of your phone on your PC. If you use Google Chrome then you can use this chrome extension for making a backup. Otherwise use this Windows PC software that you will have to install on your PC in order to make a backup. Using desktop computer software is a better option in my opinion and I have covered the steps on how to backup Nexus 6 on Windows PC in the below steps.

  • After you have downloaded and Installed the Helium Desktop App on your PC.
  • Connect your phone to your PC.
  • Enable USB debugging mode. (Goto Settings>About Phone> Tap on Build Version 7 Times. Go back to Settings and you will see Developer options>Tap on it>Locate USB debugging> Activate it.)
  • Now your phone might ask you to change USB connection type to PTP.
  • Accept the USB debugging connection.
  • Now open the Helium App on your Nexus 6.
  • Goto Backup and select the apps you want to backup on your PC. You can also backup your data including contacts, videos and pictures.
  • Now tap on backup button. You will be asked to specify a destination for your backup. If you are using the free version you won’t be able to make backup to cloud storage like Google Drive. Although the free version allows you to backup your data on your Windows PC or your SD card.



That’s it now your phone data will be backed up on your Windows PC. You don’t really need to backup your apps. You can just download them again after you are done with your factory restore or whatever you are going to do after the backup.

That’s all on how to backup Nexus 6 on Windows PC. If you want to restore data on your Nexus 6. Head on to Helium app and tap on the Restore and Sync tab and select the backup destination from where you want to restore.

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If you have any issue or query regarding how to backup Nexus 6 on Windows PC. Let me know in the comments. Share with us your experience or any other great backup app.

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