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Facebook is the biggest social network site in the world. Unfortunately it cant be accessed in some countries and it is not available in the App stores of those countries. One of them is China. Xiaomi is a Chinese company that manufactures great smartphones. Phones of Xiaomi have great processing power, delicate design, and lightning speed. Even the camera result is great. With all these positive points, there is a drawback. it doesn’t have a google play store as it is banned in China. So, there is some problem accessing the apps present in the Google play store. In this guide, I will guide you on how to download Facebook on Xiaomi phones. This guide also works on any other Chinese Android smartphone Like Huawei, UMI and Redmi Note.

Facebook and its messenger are also not present in Xiaomi phones. In the below guide I will be covering how to download facebook on Xiaomi phones. Users who cant access the Android app for Facebook, end up using Facebook on a web browser. Not only using Facebook on a web browser is slow. It is also deprived of some great features that are only present in the app. Not to mention the apps are the best way to access the social network from Android device.

How to download Facebook on Xiaomi Phones:

Facebook App for android firstly had the same interface as the web version, but now it has quite a different interface. The app also offers great new design, along with great sharing options. It also has features to locate nearby friends and family, not to forget the mark as safe feature that is recently introduced. Using the Android app you can also upload video as profile display. which is not present in the phone browser version.

Before you move forward, following are the Facebook and Facebook Messenger APK files that you will need to download on your phone. Execute the guide below and download facebook on Xiaomi phone. I have also included the Facebook Messenger in the below downloadables, as in order to use the chatting feature you will need to download the messenger app as well. The latest version of Facebook has a separate app for chatting feature. Messenger app can be installed in the same way as Facebook App.

Note: Both APK files above are uploaded on my personal cloud and they are safe to use. Just open the link and APK file will download.

Also note that new versions of Facebook are uploaded frequently, if the above version no longer works on your phone, then use this website to download the latest version of Facebook on Chinese Xiaomi phone.

After you are done with downloading the above files move on to the below steps:

  • First of all go to Settings -> Security and turn on Download from unknown sources. (This is essential to install any app from its APK)
  • Now locate the APK file in your file directory. If you have downloaded the above APK files onto your PC. Move them to your phone.
  • Open the Facebook APK file on your phone.
  • Give the permissions it asks for and wait till it installs on your Xiaomi phone.

After the installation is complete you are good to use Facebook on Xiaomi phone. Same is the procedure to download Facebook Messenger app on Xiaomi phones. Just download the APK file and execute it. You can also download other apps not present in the Xiaomi App store and install it on your phone. Just download the APK file of the app and install it.

To save yourself from all this, you can also download Google play store on your Xiaomi phone and explore the huge stockpile of Android apps.

If you have any issue or queries in the above guide. let us know in the comments. you can also make request regarding which app is not present in Xiaomi app store and you want it on your phone. We will provide you that app along with guide to install it. That’s all from how to download Facebook on Xiaomi Phones.

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4 years ago

Xiaomi smartphones do not come with Facebook pre-installed?