Edge Features Wont Disable in S6 Edge Plus

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is one of the most loved Samsung’s smartphone out there. with its sleek and stylish look and premium body. Android users are loving it. It has Samsung Pay onboard as well. It also supports wireless charging. Talking about the specs. It is lightning fast, with 4 GB RAM and Exynos 7420 octa core processor.

A week back Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus got Android Marshmallow update. After the update it is facing a problem. After the update I noticed that the Edge features won’t disable in S6 Edge plus.

Edge Features Wont Disable in S6 Edge Plus: Fix it:

After updating the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, some users are experiencing this bug in which even if you turn off edge features, they would still pop up. In the following steps, I will cover how can you fix this problem on your S6 edge plus.

Edge Features Wont Disable in S6 Edge Plus

So the solution is simple you just have to clear Cache Partitionn and your phone will start working normally the edge features wont pop out in S6 Edge Plus.

First of all you guys must have idea that you can disable the edge features by going to setting and there you can locate Edge menu and its features and from there you can disable.

If Edge features won’t Disable in S6 edge follow the below steps to wipe the cache partition:

  • First of all turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.
  • Now press and hold Home, Power and volume up key.
  • When you see Samsung Logo or your phone vibrates release the power button while you continue to hold on to volume and home key.
  • Now you will get to Android Recovery Screen.
  • Navigate to Wipe Cache Partition using volume keys and select using power key.
  • Now Select Reboot system now.

Now when your device will reboot, hopefully you wont be facing this issue any more if still the edge features wont disable in S6 edge plus. then factory restore your phone. It will wipe all the data and your phone will be new but make sure you backup all your data before you perform factory reset.

If you have any issue in the above mentioned process let me know in the comments. I will try my best to help you guys out. Also give us feedback, if this guide works out for you.

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