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BBTAN is one of the most addicting game you will find in the Google Play Store. It is available for Android smartphones, tablets as well as iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. BBTAN is like one of those traditional brick breaking games we have been playing since childhood. Follow the guide below to download BBTAN apk on your Android or Windows system.

BBTAN is simple game you just have to aim at the brick and throw balls to break them. the key to success is determination of which angle to use. BBTAN has very simple interface, yet it quite addicting game that you cant stop playing. I have been playing this game from past whole week and I cant get enough of it. It is a really great game. I have also recommended it to my friends and family. who are enjoying every second of playing this game.

Whole concept of BBTAN revolves around breaking bricks. Each brick has weight assigned to it and it requires that number of hits to break that brick. As you proceed further the bricks come with  heavier weight to tackle that number of balls also increase. As you proceed more further the games get tough and the aiming line is also eliminated. Once you get to experience this game, you wont stop playing this amazing and addicting game.

BBTAN is present on Google Play store as well as Apple App Store. You can download and play it on your Android device from Google Play Store. But if you are unable to access Google Play Store for some reason. Or Google Play Store is not available in your country, you can download BBTAN APK for Android devices from the link below. All you have to do is to download BBTAN apk from the link below and open it on your Android phone. If you are not familiar with using APK file following is the guide on how to download BBTAN APK and install it on your android device.

Download BBTAN APK From Here

Open the link above and click on Download through browser.

How to Download and Install BBTAN APK on your Android Device:

  1. First of all Download BBTAN APK file from the link above and place it in your phone’s file directory.
  2. Now Go-to Setting Security and turn on “Unknown Sources”. This will allow your Android phone to download and install any external app.

Install Google Play Store on Xiaomi

  1. Now locate the BBTAN APK file in your phone directory.
  2. Once located, open it and grant all the permissions it is asking for installation.

If you are looking for how to download and install BBTAN on windows see this guide.

That’s it, If you have any queries regarding how to download BBTAN APK and install it on your Android phone, let us know in the comments. If you want to make request of any APK file you want on your Android phone but you don’t have Google Play Store to get it. Feel free to ask us in the comments.

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