Nexus 6 Camera Flash Shutting Phone off

Well I had this issue, whenever I tried to capture a picture while the flash is on, my phone would shut down. and it wont turn on untill i connect it to the charger. I even used snapchat to take picture with flash but experienced the same problem, the phone turned off.

I am using Nexus 6 that is running on Android 6.0.1. This issue really had me to the knees. I even tried Factory reset that didn’t even solve the issue.

Nexus 6 Camera Flash Shutting Phone off

So after a lot of research I figured out the reason why Nexus 6 Camera Flash Shutting Phone off.

First I thought its some hardware problem, then I figured out that the main reason for camera flash causing the phone to shut down is because of stuffed or bad battery. You must be wondering how battery can be faulty when you didn’t have any issue regarding the losing charge.

Well when the camera fires up, it draws a large current from the battery, that causes your phone to die. The current draw causes the voltage to drop too low and when the phone cant get enough current it shuts down the phone.

This proves the battery is faulty. The fact that after the phone shutting down because of camera flash until I charged it again is just more supporting evidence.

Nexus 6 Camera Flash Shutting Phone off

After my research, I figured out that it is a common fault in early Nexus 6, which were shipped with poor battery that dies under a lot of load.

In my opinion the only solution for this problem is to get the battery replaced. Take it to service center and ask for replacement of phone. If you are out of warranty then you might have to change the battery yourself or take it to the service station they would change the battery of your phone for you it will cost around $50.

I hope, you figured out the reason behind Nexus 6 Camera Flash Shutting Phone off. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments. If you have had this issue and you fixed it somehow, let us know in the comments. Subscribe to our site, so that you never miss out any article.


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