5 little known great android apps

There are some apps you would wish you had known about them earlier, I have made a collection of 5 little known great android apps which are not that much famous but they are very productive. These are kind of apps, you would never come across until someone shows you or directs you to these apps. An Android user uses a certain app for a week and then never tries it again, but I have been using the following apps regularly, and I am loving them. I would also recommend you to try out these little known apps. Trust me, you’ll never regret getting them into your phone

5 Little Known Great Android Apps

Now let’s move on to the apps that aren’t much popular, but there is really great concept and functionality behind them.

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Whenever I get a new Android phone, its the first app that I get on my phone. So what does this app do? Let me explain with scenario, If you’re using twitter and click on a link which will take you to a site which will be opened from system webview browser, which does not have your saved password and autofill forms. you have to fill out the forms or login in order to share the links.
Chormer solves this issue by forcefully opening the external links on Google Chrome instead of Webview browser. This app will save you a lot of time that you spend logging on and filling different forms.


5 little known great android apps

Mint Personal Finance

Its a great app to keep check and balance of your priorities and expenses. It allows you to put all your accounts, investments and cards at one place from where you can easily monitor. You can track your spending and create a budget and many more. It also has password protection so no one can peek into your personal details. If you phone is lost or anything you can access your account from website of web and disable it. So no need to worry about security and privacy.

Download from Google Play Store

Tiny Apps

Multiwindow interface is very productive. After using Xperia, it was hard for me to manage not using small apps while doing some work. It saved all the time spent switching between the apps. Came across TinyApps that lets you run the basic apps over your current main app. TinyApps gives you an option to resize the small windows for basic apps and drag them where ever you want. It is one of the most effective app for large screen phones like Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P.


5 little known great android apps


You buys must be familiar with the app that tend to create artificial ambience around you to keep your focus on the stuff you’re doing. Coffitivity is one of that kind. The sole reason why you should go for it instead of other apps of the same functionality is that even if you are listening to music, you can use this app over it. Like you can create a artificial ambience over music and enjoy the whole scenario.


5 little known great android apps

Google Opinion reward:

Using Google Opinion rewards, you can give your view in surveys and earn money for it. It offers quick survey almost once a week and you can recieve almost $1 for each survey.



These are the apps not known by many people, there are great apps developed by not so famous developers but they are productive, if you know about any such apps, that you would like to share with us. Let us know in the comments, I would love to try them out and give a review.

I am always looking for great apps to try, so if I found any other great app like the above mentioned. I would update this post “5 little known great android apps”. So don’t forget to follow the post.

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Donald Latimer
Donald Latimer

I know that this is way off topic, but could you please share the wallpaper you used in the first photo?


Curt Nicol D.D. Ph.D.

I’ve tried Chromer a few times, but can never get it to work properly :^<

Dennis Duggan
Dennis Duggan

Vivino – Best app for the wine enthusiast! Take a picture of a wine label within the app and get access to a database full if reviews, food pairings, price comparisons for that wine, and pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about that wine. Duolingo – Make the time you spend on your phone mean something instead of being a waste of time. Learn a new language. I am 27% fluent in French now. Irish and Latin are next. Learn to converse, read and write. If you don’t practice your knowledge starts to wane on the app’s indicators… Read more »