How to Replace Nexus 5 Battery [DIY]


Nexus 5 is one of the more adored android phone. It has been years since it was released, and still many android power users are using Nexus 5. Nexus 6 came after Nexus 5, but it didn’t get the overwhelming response like Nexus 5. So after analysis of situation Google decided to release successor of Nexus 5 with the name of Nexus 5X.
Nexus 5X had better hardware and specs but its size is almost same as Nexus 5.
Nexus 5 being eye candy for Android power users, is in use for 2-3 years. When phone is in use for years, its battery life start declining. Same is the case with Nexus 5. So if you are looking for a guide on how to replace Nexus 5 battery, I will guide you step by step on in the following guide.

How to Replace Nexus 5 Battery

Following guide has everything required to guide you on how to replace Nexus 5 battery. But make sure you follow the mentioned steps and do as it is written, try not to mess up your phone more.

If you have ever opened your computer, it wont be tough job for you. just follow the steps below.

  1. Before moving forward, only tool that is must have is a small Phillips #00 screwdriver. it is the same used for tightening the screws on Glasses.
  2. Before moving, if you are planning to replace Nexus 5 battery, you can buy it from here.

Now let’s move on how to replace Nexus 5 battery, Following is the step to step guide.

  • First of all free the clips on the top of each side of the back cover of Nexus 5.(Bottom is glued use gentle hands to remove it.)
  • Now remove the 6 screws present on the top body of phone, see in the video. If you’re not clear about the screws I am talking about.
  • Now remove the motherboard securing plate.
  • Disconnect the battery connector.
  • Disconnect the daughterboard connector.
  • The Battery is attached to the body of phone with the use of some adhesive. Be careful, don’t use much force. Slowly and gradually take off the battery. Avoid damaging the battery in the process.

That’s it, watch the video below to more understand the whole process.

If you have any ambiguity in the whole process, or there is any question you would like to ask. Feel free to comment below.

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