Nexus 6 is one of the most successful Android smartphones. Even today Android power users can’t get over it. Nexus 6 was manufactured by Motorola. It has the best specification of the time when it was introduced and its design is still adored by many. I am very much obsessed with my Nexus 6, but with time it started giving me Slow Charging Problem. In the following post, I will be discussing what can be potential issues that cause Nexus 6 slow charging and how I got rid of this problem.

Nexus 6 Slow Charging

How to Fix Nexus 6 Slow Charging Problem:

I am not running any battery consuming apps. I have already cleared the cache. and I have also cleared the bootloader logs (although I don’t have a clue about how beneficial that could have been. If the logs are only the lines displayed on the screen in the bootloader when you have selected “logs” using the volume buttons, then there was just one line in that log, about the phone being turned on in bootloader mode.

I have tried using 4 different USB cables. and most of them are undamaged. None of them appear to impact the charging in the slightest. I use on QC charging mostly. but even they are not of any use including the Aukey QC battery pack and my QC charger.

Now let us move on to the potential solutions to the problem. First of all, you need to do a bit of analysis of the current situation:

  1. First, check if the cable and charger are working fine?
  2. Have you tested with wireless charging?
  3. It is possible it is the brick or the cable.
  4. It is possible it is the port (Qi would at least tell you if it is the port or the battery/software).

Now we will try to remove the cause or source of the problem:

  • Replace the Micro USB Cable, but keep the brick.
  • Replace the Brick.
  • Attempt Qi Wireless charge.
  • Analyze results. Does it charge normally in any of these scenarios?

If the answer is yes, then you have found your issue at whichever step it started charging normally. In a case that Qi works but the new cable/brick don’t, then it is likely your USB Port.

If it never charges properly. it might be the software [factory reset and retest]. or it might be the battery itself (Flash the stock Android & retest). After you test your phone for a number of times. You will figure out if its the software or the battery/hardware.

Slow Charging Nexus 6 Potential Solutions:

Just like any problem you have to troubleshoot. you have to use the scientific method to reduce the number of probabilities one by one to ensure that you are left with a reliable result.

  • Try to factory reset. I was having issues with lag when I first updated to Nougat and a factory reset fixed everything.
  • In device manager, reinstall the driver for the phone and choose something like MTP USB Driver.
  • When you have it plugged into the wall, go to Setting -> battery. Does it say charging over AC or charging over USB? I had a bad micro USB port on my phone. It always said charging over USB, and it caused it to charge VERY slowly.
  • Download ampere and have a look at the charge rate. Normal charging speed is about ~1300 mAh.
  • Try pushing the cable down in the charging port of the phone as well.

Nexus 6 Slow Charging

I hope this will fix the Nexus 6 slow charging problem. If you have any issue in the above-mentioned methods. Let me know in the comments. I will get back to you. This post is more like discussion, Nexus 6 Slow charging problem is not hidden from many, so if you have/had this problem and you somehow managed to get rid of it. Share with us how you fixed Nexus 6 slow charging problem.

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4 years ago

I had the slow charging thing going, and showing “charging over USB”, I swapped the cable for another one and it showed “charging over AC” and then I switched back to the first cable and it showed “charging over AC”.