HTC Nexus

HTC will manufacture Nexus phones once again, this report comes from a reliable source, whose sources have reported that HTC will make both versions of Nexus versions this year, the 5-Inch as well as the 5.5 inch model.
Not only this, the report further states that HTC will be manufacturing the Nexus smartphones for 3 upcoming years.

HTC is suffering in smartphone business from past couple of years, although there was a time when HTC smartphones were considered one of the best, people loved the HTC phones, but now even with the top notch and mid range versions, the company isn’t doing good enough. Now HTC is working on VIrtual reality and IoT to shift their focus to fitness technology.

HTC nexus

GizmoChina says that HTC Nexus phone which will  feature Google’s native implementation of 3D Touch.

Although its just a report, but if such deal with Google takes place, HTC sales will reach skies. Nexus smartphones have been power Android user’s obsession since Nexus 5. They get a lot of attention from the normal Android users as well. Another known fact about Nexus users is that they ask for top notch specs for little price, which Google has been managing since the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

HTC has worked with Google in the past, while developing a 9-inch tablet, Nexus 9. Known and adored by few, but still the company have worked together in the past, and as they say old ties die hard. Let’s see if we are gonna see this Nexus phone developed by HTC in the near future.

You guys must have read the official statement of LG at WMC 2016. The LG representatives announced that they wont be carrying on with the Nexus phones, LG wont be manufacturing the Nexus successor. The representative further stated that they need to focus on their own brand and its flagship LG G5.

Altohugh its just a rumour, we will be updating you guys about the details about HTC nexus. Share with us your reaction when you heard HTC might be developing the Nexus phones for 3 straight years.


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