Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5 is meant to challenge the giants of smartphones market, its a new smartphone released by one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers of China. Mi 5 has claimed to be “All you ever imagined” with statements like these, we can expect this smartphone to be something big. The release of this smartphone will be limited to some countries. We will be discussing top reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi 5 over latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

From design to hardware and software, everything about Xiaomi Mi5 seems to be exceptional,I have compiled top reasons to But Xiaomi Mi5. Let us discuss each of the these characteristics in detail:

Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

Mi 5 Price

Chinese manufacturers give worth to every penny you spend to buy their smartphones. The cheapest Mi 5 with 3 GB Ram, 32 GB storage and 3D glass back side, costs around USD 305. There is another premium version of Mi 5 as well, it is called Mi 5 pro, it has 4 GB and its back is 3D ceramic. Its release is limited to some countries, so you might have to pay a bit more if you have to get it shipped to your doorstep. Still USD 400 along with the shipping charges is way less than the already existing premium phones in market these days.

Android Marshmallow:

Unlike many other smartphones, Xiaomi Mi 5 will be running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Under the hood it will have all the features of Android 6.0 but the user interface and home screen is designed by Xiaomi. It wont have app drawer, in the coming future app drawer is likely to be removed even from stock Android. Mi 5 has inbuilt themes and it also have ability to customise the capacitive buttons.

Light speed and lots of storage space:

Xiaomi Mi 5 cheapest model will carry 2.1 GHz Snapdragon 820 processor, accompanied with 3GB or RAM. The premium version will have same processor along with 4GB RAM. Storage space of premium model will be 128 GB, for the standard version the customers can choose between the 32GB and 64GB variant.

Benchmarking results shows that the Snapdragon 820 is 200% more faster than 810.

Top Notch Hardware:

Mi 5 has support for 4G plus and allows speed upto 600 Mbps, it is dual sim phone along with voice over LTE technology for better quality calls. Its equipped with finger print scanner for security. Even in sunlight Mi 5 will give better display with its sunlit display screen.

Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

Its equipped with 3000 mAh battery, so you can expect exceptional battery time. It is fast in getting charged because of Quick Charge 3.0 support. It will take around an hour to charge your phone to about 80%.

Astonishing Camera Result:

Xiaomi Mi 5 is equipped with 16 MG sony camera on its back, Xiaomi already have optical image stabilization technology for making captured pictures sharp. The front camera is of 4 MG with gives 80 degree wide angle for selfies.

Top Reasons to Buy Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5 has got it all to stand in the line with most expensive and top notch premium smartphones of this era. I personally cant wait to get my hands on it. What are your expectations from this phone, you can also mention some other features that you suggest are one of the top reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi 5.

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