Settings of Android N

Well first when you look at settings of Android N, it looks same as Android Marshmallow, it takes some digging up to discover the new features introduced in settings of Android N.
Android N will be a new beginning for the world’s most popular operating system. After the release of developer preview, we are going through each and every part of the upcoming operating system to discover the new features. Most prominent features being the multi window feature and the shade design notifications, which makes prominent change in the individual notifications and quick toggles.

New Features Introduced in Settings of Android N:

Now let’s talk about the new features introduced in Settings of Android N developer review.

Mini Notification System:

Digging into the dynamic information display of the upcoming OS. The top of settings bar has now its own Mini Notification area. Each notification has a small arrow head that can be used to expand the notification to see what’s its about. You can swipe away the notification without having to open it up. You will also found a button to turn off the notification of same category.

Settings of Android N

The top of Settings also displays this new feature which has all the suggestions for you to try out. Like for example, if you don’t have security password on your phone, it will suggest you to get it on. So that you can protect your personal information if someone else ever get hold of your phone.

Extensive Information:

Although the sections along with subsections are all same, but now under every heading there is little more information, like the current status. In Bluetooth menu, you will see the current status of Bluetooth, without having to open it up, it will tell you if it’s enabled or disabled.

Settings of Android N

Under Storage Menu, you will see the amount of storage currently in use. Moreover, you can also see which WIFI network you’re connected to, and if your phone is connected to bluetooth or earphones just by a glance in the menu, you don’t have to open individual settings to check the current state of every feature.

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Cellular Data and Battery Usage Settings.

Although the colour scheme in the overall interface is almost same as Marshmallow, but the Android N developer preview has some changes in the Multi user, battery usage and cellular data usage screens. Keeping the interface easy to understand, now they have introduced some more enhancements.

Settings of Android N

The new features introduced in settings of Android N, are just part of the new operating system that will be released in few months, if you guys have noticed something new in the settings menu of Android N developer preview version. Let us know in the comments.

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