5 Expected features of upcoming Nexus Phones

Nexus smartphones are always something to look for, like the past year, Google is expected to release two smartphones this year as well. After the Mobile World Congress, rumours about the Nexus smartphones are on their high, One of the most notable rumour that was “LG is not going to continue making nexus smartphones” was confirmed by the korean company representative. he further stated that LG need to focus on their own flagships of the series LG G5.

Last week a rumour stated that HTC might be manufacturing one of the two Nexus smartphones which are going to be released this year, Although it’s not confirmed yet but it looks possible.

5 Expected features of upcoming Nexus Phones

Now let’s talk about some features that we would love to see in the upcoming nexus phones. Below features are expected features based on general public opinion, which are most likely to be introduced in the Nexus family.

expected features of upcoming nexus phones

Metal Unibody Design

Nexus smartphones have become definition of Android operating system, so the iOS and iPhones are now main competitors of Nexus smartphones in the international market. For the layman as well as power users Nexus smartphones need to come up with something innovative to stand along its main competitors.

Both next iteration of iPhone and Nexus phone is expected to be released in the last quarter of this year, Giving the metal unibody design to Nexus can turn out to be a stand out point for Nexus.

Android N

The new nexus smartphones are expected to come with all new operating system, what will the new operating system bring with itself? It’s not much known, but for sure it will be better in looks and performance, and it’s something to look out to.

External Memory Slot

Samsung didn’t have an external memory slot in Samsung Galaxy S6. However, the upcoming Samsung smartphone, that is, Galaxy S7 has external Memory slot. HTC is also said to include the external memory slot in its upcoming flagship HTC one M10.

Wireless Charging

One of the most notable things that were missed out on Nexus 6P and Nexus 5x was Wireless Charging. It was present in the Nexus 6 and Nexus 5, Wireless charging is turning out to be a common feature of this era’s smartphones, so we can expect wireless charging as one of the expected features of upcoming nexus phones.

Android VR Support

Google has got number of engineers working on an Android OS specially designed for virtual reality devices. You might have seen Samsung VR handset, we are looking forward to something like that. According to some rumours, Nexus phone will have built-in support for virtual reality. some advanced features of VR are already hard coded into LG G5.

Above are some of the expected features of upcoming nexus phones, you can write to us in the comments about the possibility of above mentioned features. You can also tell us about what are you looking for in the most awaited smartphones of this year. your opinion will be appreciated and we will discuss the possibilities of the expected features.

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