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Multi-window is a cool feature which allows the user to multi-task at the same time by dividing the screen in half. Smartphone manufactures like Samsung and LG have their own multi-window feature, but for the first time Google is about to add this feature on a stock Android. Try out the following steps to enable multi window mode in Android.

Enable Multi Window Mode in Android


Note: Before proceeding let me tell you that this feature to enable multi window on Android is totally experimental and not bugs free, so try it at your own risk.

Steps to Enable Multi Window Mode in Android:

  1. Open the root enabled file browser, in the file browser you need to navigate to your root folder of the device and from there you need to click on the system folder.
  2. Find ‘build.prop‘ file from the system folder and keep pressing the file to generate more options of that file to open it as a text editor.
  3. Now you need to add a line of code to the devices’ build.prop file. Scroll down to the very bottom of the list and paste the following code at the end.
    Code: persist.sys.debug.multi_window=true
  4. Save the file and reboot your device.


Using the Multi-Window Mode:

After you have performed the steps mentioned above, it is really easy to use the multi window. You will notice that there is a new button shown now like in the screenshot below:

Enable Multi Window Mode in Android

Upon clicking the new button, you will be asked to choose the task layout for that application in the multi window. You can either choose landscape or portrait layout. You can even resize the window to your preferred size.

I hope these steps helped you to enable multi window mode in Android, if you have any question or suggestion in mind do not be hesitant to leave a comment down below.

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Modified file wouldn’t save on my Nexus 5.