LG G5 Specs and features

LG G5 is the upcoming flagship of LG, it is expected to be released in first quarter of 2016, some reports say it can delay to summers 2016, LG G4 is considered one of the best android phone of 2015, it has pretty decent specs and features, the android fan boys who have had enough of Samsung and they didn’t like the design and size of Nexus moved towards LG, and they found it a good smartphone, As the 2016 starts there are number of tech events that will be covering the latest development in technology and smartphones, we expect to see LG G4 at one of those shiny events.

LG G5 will carry the latest specs and features of present time technology, rumours regarding LG G5 specs and features are all over the internet, people are looking forward for some official news about Lg G5 specs and features.

Although the release date is quite far right now, but the rumoured specs and design play a major role in deciding which smartphone to buy when it comes out.

LG G5 Specs and features

LG G5 Specs and Features

Talking about design, we might be seeing a premium LG G5 which will not have plastic body, it will be full metal body, which will give t sleek and stylish look, it is said that LG G5 will be completely revamped, it wont look like the existing LG G4, even the LG G3 has the same look, so the company needs to get something new for their smartphone to drag some new customers. this design rumours are reported on a south korean website.

The leaked design of the LG G5, the below design shows that LG G5 will allow replacing the battery by removing a the lower

LG G5 Specs and features

LG G5 display:

The rumours say that LG G5 will either have 5.6 inch QHD display or it will have 4K display of 3840 x 2610 pixels with the same screen size that is 5.6 inch. Almost every premium smartphone will shift to 4K display in their upcoming smartphones in 2016, Sony being the first one to get 4K display in Xperia Z5 premium.

LG G5 Camera:

We have read in a report that LG will move on to 21 Mega pixel back camera and either 5 or 8 megapixels front camera in LG G5, LG surely need to work hard to improve camera result, just increasing the pixels wont do the job.

LG G5 Features:

LG is collaborating with IRIENCE to introduce Iris scanner into their upcoming smartphone, Iris of every human has unique design just like the fingerprint, so using Iris scanner to unlock the phone or to make transactions can be innovative step to introduce latest technology into smartphones, I will be really looking forward to Iris scanner if LG decides to introduce it in their smartphone. This feature will surely give a competitive advantage to LG G5 over other smartphones.

LG G5 Specs and features

LG G5 Release Date and Price

Although we might be seeing LG G5 as early as February 2016, but as I said earlier, it can be delayed upto April 2016, although there isn’t any source or rumour regarding the price, but considering the full metal body, the price might hike up a little.

LG G5 Specs

Following is the list of expected specs of LG G5:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 along with Adreno 530 GPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 3K mAh Battery
  • 32 GB internal storage.

That’s all we have from LG G5 Specs and Features, if you know more or you have sources regarding some news about LG G5 let us know in the comments. As the title stats these are all just rumours, there isn’t any official news about LG G5 yet, so nothing is for sure.

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