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There have been a lot of complaints from users struggling to find their photos on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and find the need to recover disappearing photos on Note 3. They are taking photos and then going to review them in the gallery or photos applications and finding that the pictures gone, or that they’re not in the expected folder. However, all the other pictures in other folders such as Bluetooth, Download, Instagram, Screenshots, WhatsApp are still there. In this post I will tell you how to recover disappearing photos on Note 3.

Recover Disappearing Photos on Note 3

How to Recover Disappearing Photos on Note 3:

  1. It is possible that the photos are hidden. So to make it visible go to Settings -> Application manager -> Gallery -> Force Stop -> Clear cache.
  2. Now go to the Gallery application and from its menu tap ‘Show hidden items’.
  3. Open My Files application and then go to its Settings  and select Show hidden files. You will now be able to see a folder names .hide.
    Note : if you do not have My Files then you can use ES File Explorer.
  4. If it still does not work, then it is quite possible that there is an issue with the MicroSD card. To remove such a problem turn off your Note 3, remove MicroSD card and insert it into your PC or laptop. You will be able to see the photos in the DCIM folder. Clean the card and place it carefully back into your Note 3.
  5. If by any chance you have deleted the photos, try to not do anything on the device. Instead use some photo recovery application or software.
  6. To protect yourself from this problem in the future, it is better to upload all your photos to your Google account.

Hope this article solved your issue to recover disappearing photos on Note 3. For any questions or further suggestions don’t hesitate to add a comment down below.

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