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Windows 10 has been out a couple of months now. And just as one would hope or, custom windows 10 themes are now a possibility. The latest OS came out with a lot of bugs which forced people not to upgrade just yet. But with all the bugs and errors being fixed and a stable release out there, the designers out there have already began creating wonderful themes for you guys to apply on your new operating system.

This article will guide you step by step on how you can use custom windows 10 themes and give your laptop/desktop a completely different and unique look.

Custom Windows 10 Themes

Custom Windows 10 Themes

The guide below will take you through each step required in order to get your first ever custom windows 10 theme on your laptop/desktop.

Custom Windows 10 Themes

NOTE: Installing custom windows 10 themes requires patching your system. (Included in the steps below)

  • First thing to do is to patch your system. In order to do so, you need to install UXStyle & UXThemePatcher from this link. Microsoft doesn’t allow your system to have themes which are not signed by Microsoft. This is where the patcher comes in to play. It bypasses the checks applied b Microsoft and lets you apply custom themes.
  • Now you need to download a custom theme. You may want to head over to DeviantArt and grab yourself a theme of your choosing.
  • Download a theme, and extract the .rar file. You’ll either get a setup to install the entire theme or some .theme extensioned files. In the latter case, copy all the data to C:/Windows/Resources/Themes.
  • Now right click on your desktop and click on Personalize.
  • Go to Themes, and you can see your downloaded themes appear there.
  • Select a theme of your choosing, and apply it.

That’s just about it. Using these few and simple steps above, you can apply custom windows 10 themes to your laptop/desktop.

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