Top reasons to buy Nexus 5X

Although the general concept is that Bigger is Better, This goes for cars, privates and burgers, but it’s not the same case for smartphones, as we have seen general users are more inclined towards normal sized smartphones.

For the past few years, phone manufacturers are increasing size of smartphones, thinking that attracts users, but from the last year, we have seen more sales of pocket sized smartphones.

Reason for Google to release successor of their most adored smartphone Nexus 5 is the same, Nexus 5 was loved more than Nexus 6, and the reasons that Google deduced for more sales of Nexus 5 over Nexus 6 was its simplicity, size and cost.

Let’s discuss some reasons, why you need to buy a Nexus 5X:

Top reasons to buy Nexus 5X

Top Reasons to Buy Nexus 5X

For a low-cost phone, Nexus 5X has some features that need to be pointed out, It has fingerprint scanner, which is accurate and fast. Fingerprint scanner can prove out to be useful for transactions with Android Pay in the near future.


Nexus 5X weighs 136 grams, its screen is of 5.2 inches, it looks minute when compared to Nexus 6P.

This pocket size is preferred by number of users, it fits in your hands, you can use it with just one hand, you can reach anywhere on the screen while holding phone in one hand, its lightweight so holding it feels more comfortable.


Nexus 5X is one of the most affordable smartphone out there, it has all it takes to be a good smartphone, with the current specs it would never lag while performing any tasks, it’s easily an optimal smartphone for everyday use.

Cost is for sure one of the top reasons to buy Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X costs $379 on Amazon, well it’s about $200 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or Nexus 6P. I would go for Nexus 5X over Samsung S6 edge a thousand times over, even if I am given an option to get either of these phones at same price.

Top reasons to buy Nexus 5X


With cost so low, Nexus 5X stand with all top notch smartphones when it comes to hardware specs, Nexus 5X uses the same camera module and scanner as Nexus 6P, It only lacks some features like Slow motion and gif-making mode.

Nexus 5X comes with 12.3 Megapixels rear camera and its front camera is of 5 mega pixels, unlike Nexus 5, its successor can capture pretty good pictures even in low light. Another thing to brag about is its battery life.

Operating System

Being a Google’s phone, Nexus 5X will always have an edge over Samsung or other devices. As, if you have a Nexus phone, no matter how old your smartphone gets , you will be the first one to get Android update, Apart from that you can also get to experience the pure android, Nexus phones offer best experience of Android, Google powered operating system works bests with Nexus smartphones. Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P ere the first smartphones to get Android Marshmallow.

Top reasons to buy Nexus 5X

In my opinion Nexus 5X is a complete smartphone for regular use in small cost, there are no performance issues, no glitches, good enough specs, latest operating system, everything is optimal for a regular user.

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Above are the top reasons to buy Nexus 5x, if you would like to add some more reasons let us know in the comments, you can also debate on the above mentioned top reasons to buy Nexus 5x.

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