Nexus 5 is one of the most adored Android smartphone out there. Maybe it wasn’t that much popular in general public, but the Power android users loved the experience of pure Android operating system on Nexus 5. With its reasonable price and good looks. It was one of the most preferred smartphone in the market in its days. It is still being used by number of people all around the world. See the guide below to make Nexus 5 Faster.

Considering its popularity and appreciation. Google decided to release its improved version, which was released recently, like few months ago. Which is equally popular among the people who prefer affordable smartphone. Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X are the smartphones which carry specifications of the most top notch smartphones out in the market but their price is almost half as compared to other smartphone of same specs.

Now lets move on to how to make Nexus 5 faster, this trick is not based on settings, not even installing apps or clearing RAM, its just a trick related to the transition animations. Following is the step to step guide on how to make Nexus 5 faster.

How to Make Nexus 5 faster

This guide is regarding the transitions animations. Disabling them or reducing them will enhance the performance of your Nexus 5 to a significant amount.

  • Enable Developer settings

Go to setting and enable the developer settings. For that goto Setting> About Phone and hit the build number 7 times. <ost of the options mentioned here are not for the common users, so dont mess with them.

  • Transition Animation Speed

Now scroll down in developer settings, and locate transition animation speed.

In the menu, set the options to .5x  as in the screenshot below or just disable them.

How to Make Nexus 5 faster

After you are done with the settings. just reboot your phone. you will yourself see the change in performance. Switch between the apps and try locking and unlocking your phone. you will see considerable amount of change in the speed of your phone.

That’s all from How to make nexus 5 faster, if you have any query write to us in the comments. Although we observed some difference but if you think its of no use, you can debate with us in the comments.

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