To get the option to Disable Startup Apps in Android without root is a blessing. In this post we will be talking about the apps that allow us to achieve this feature. Everyone wants free RAM, better battery, and better performance. Although some might disagree, but the less amount of apps your operating system has to manage, the better it will be for your phone. Apps and Services either they are Google Play services or system apps, they consume battery and CPU.

Before moving forward know that, the aim of this guide is to help you guys in disabling the services or apps which you don’t use.

TipTo avoid standby battery drain Disable Voice over LTE by going to Dialer App –> More –> Settings –> Voice over LTE settings –> Do not use.

How to Disable Startup Apps in Android

The method to Disable Startup apps in Android phone or tablet is easy. All you have to do is get one of the following apps and get on with it. Back in the days, Titanium backup app was used to completely uninstall or disable startup apps in Android. but it required root access. Now you can disable startup apps without even having to root your phone.

Using the following apps you can disable a lot of apps that you don’t need but they are built into the system and they constantly use your CPU and RAM. Maybe for the latest top-notch System with 4 GB RAM, it is not a problem if 3-4 apps are consuming the main memory. but for the smartphones which have a total of 512MB or 1GB RAM and OS gets a hard time allocating physical memory to apps, and you have very limited physical memory, these apps are really very useful.

Most of the android users love customization, that’s why Android stands out from Apple, using these following apps you can disable startup apps in Android, even if they are system apps.

Disable Startup apps in Android

Package Disabler Pro: (Only for Samsung)

It is just for Samsung and it is paid app. Although it allows you to disable startup apps as well as system services and apps. It is a very useful app but you have to use it with care. Make sure that you don’t disable any important System service or app. Only disable the ones you think are not important and you don’t need them.



This app allows you to put the apps in hibernation if you don’t use them, You can just hibernate the apps. And they won’t run in the background, those apps won’t consume your battery, RAM or processing power. Although these apps keep running in the background. But it is very lightweight it consumes only 5 MB of RAM and almost no CPU power.

Greenify has following competitive advantage over other apps of same functionality. Greenify allows you to take out the apps which are not working properly and consuming unnecessary CPU or RAM.

Titanium Backup pro offers freeze option, that completely disables the app. but with Greenify you can use it when you want to use the app.

It is free on Google Play Store, Download from here. If you can’t download from Google play store, download APK file of Greenify from here.

Which Apps to Disable: (Only for Package Disabler Pro)

If you are not sure about which apps to disable. You can download this XML file and import it into your system. This XML file contains 150 apps that are not that important for the system to run and services that should not run in the background. This will also disable the services which can be used to spy on you.

Now if you don’t know how to do that follow the steps below:

  • Open the Package Disabler pro app.
  • Now select and import XML file from the menu.
  • You will get a message that you are modifying your phone without permission.
  • If you have already changed the settings. First enable all the apps, then import the settings.

If you have any query regarding how to disable startup apps in Android, let us know in the comments, You can also debate with us about if disabling the system apps is good for the phone or no, As it is a very controversial topic in the world of Android.

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