Galaxy S6 not connecting to WiFi
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Wifi connectivity issue is a problem that almost all of us face. It occurs at any time and the bigger problem is that we don’t have any idea what is the reason behind this problem. And this should be the main task to diagnose the real problem. Here, we are going to discuss all the reasons behind Galaxy S6 not connecting to Wifi.

Wifi connectivity issue is mainly due to some software issue. Such issues can be resolved by yourself. We are going to discuss all the possible methods to fix the problem. There are some methods through which you can resolve this issue. Follow the step by step guide. Try first method if it works well and good. If still there is a problem then follow the next method. Keep following the steps until you fix Galaxy S6 Wifi connectivity issue.

Galaxy S6 not connecting to Wifi? Here is what to do

Following are number of methods you can use to fix Galaxy S6 not connecting to Wifi issue:

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Turn ON and OFF Airplane Mode

Turning Airplane Mode on and then off is the easiest way to fix this issue. Follow the steps given below.

  • Open “Settings” and then Wireless and Network.
  • Go to “Airplane“.
  • You’ll see an Airplane icon. Tap on it to turn it On.
  • Once Airplane mode is turned on, tap again to turn it Off.

There is an alternative method to this. You can also turn Wifi Off and then On.

  • Go to Settings and then Wireless and Network.
  • Go to Wifi.
  • You’ll see a green button. Tap on it to turn it Off.
  • Once Wifi is turned off, tap again to turn it on.

There is no need to follow both of the above methods. You can follow any one of the methods and see if Wifi connects. Try next method if this doesn’t work.

Connect Wifi to another device

There might be a possibility that your Wifi is not working properly. To ensure that your Wifi is working properly connect your Wifi connection with any other available device. If Wifi is not connected to other device then follow the next step. In case of successful connection, skip the next step and follow the other one.

Turn your Router Off

In case your Wifi is not connecting to device other than Galaxy S6 then there is a problem with your Wifi router. Turn your router Off by simply unplug the power cable of your router and then after few seconds plug the power cable back into the router. It will take few minutes for the network to start again. Give it some time and then check again your Galaxy S6 if the Wifi is working or not.

If still there is a problem then follow the next method.

Turn Off Galaxy S6

If the Wifi was successfully connected to other device then there may be a problem with your Galaxy S6. If turning On and Off the Airplane mode doesn’t solve the problem then you should turn Off your S6.

To turn Off the device you can simply select the restart option. You can also turn it Off completely and then turn it On. After it turns on, check if the Wifi is connected to S6 or not. If the problem exist then follow the next method.

Forget the Network

There might be some problem in the setup of network. You should  ensure the proper setup first and then proceed. In order to ensure the proper setup, forget the network device to which you are wishing to connect your Galaxy S6. Follow the steps to forget the device.

  • Tap on Settings icon.
  • Now tap on Wifi.
  • Here you will see all the devices to which you ever connected. Find the device you wish to connect.
  • Now Tap on that network. There will be an option to Forget or Forget Network.
  • If Simple Tap doesn’t gives you this option then Tap and hold it for one to 2 seconds.
  • Now Tap on that selection to Forget that device.

Now you have to reconnect your device. Reconnect it as you have done it before. Check if your device connects to Wifi or not.

These were all the possible methods to connect Wifi with Galaxy S6. If you tried all these methods and still facing the same problem then there might be some technical issue with your Galaxy device. To resolve this issue, you should contact Samsung technical support.

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You can ask for further help if you are facing any problem in resolving the issue by following any of the above mentioned methods. Comment below with your query regarding Galaxy S6 not connecting to Wifi and then we will help you. Also please share your successful experience of connecting your Galaxy S6 with your Wifi device. If you know any other method then let us know.


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