Bootloader themes Google 2015

Google recently released a new logo and theme, Google changes its logo almost after five years, A developer on XDA developer has made some pretty cool Bootloader themes Google 2015 for Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

For the lay audience, you might be wondering if the following screen will appear only when you get into bootloader menu, No. After you flash the following zip files into your system whenever you will reboot your phone, you will see this new animation.

Bootloader themes Google 2015 for Nexus 5

Bootloader themes Google 2015

Following are different boot logos which are styled according to the new theme of Google, You can set them up for your bootloader, check out the following themes and download from the provided link if you want to change theme of your bootloader.

Bootloader themes Google 2015 for Nexus 5

I hope you guys liked the above collection. Give thanks to the developer of these themes here.

How to Change Bootloader Theme

The process of changing the bootloader theme is quite easy, I have explained the process in the following few steps, if you still have any issue regarding bootloader themes Google 2015, Let us know in the comments,we will help you out.

  • First of all you have to download the zip file from the above given links, Which ever bootloader theme you like, you can just download on your phone.
  • Now move the Zip file to your SDcard folder. this is important as next you will have to flash, so keep the file in SDcard
  • Now flash the zip file, you don’t have to flash it into boot or recovery, you just have to flash it from the zip.
  • Enjoy the new bootloader 😉

If you have any issue regarding getting these Bootloader themes Google 2015 on your nexus 5, let us know in the comments, also give us feedback after trying out these new bootloader.

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4 years ago

Is it working on Nexus 4?