S6 Edge+ Auto Brightness

Samsung recently released its latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. These smartphones are running on the fastest processors and have it all what it takes to be the best smartphones of 2015. Talking about Samsung Galaxy Edge+, it has the most alluring design with curved screen and top notch specs, the battery life of this smartphone is also commendable, Samsung has introduced number of new great features in it. In this guide we will talk about Galaxy S6 Edge+ Auto Brightness glitch.

On the other side it is one of the most expensive smartphone out in the market, But its battery is unremovable and it doesn’t have a microSD memory card slot, One of the main reason to buy this smartphone is its looks and features.

Although after buying this expensive and glamorous smartphone, Some of S6 edge+ users are not satisfied with some features, or you may call it bugs, one of them is responsiveness of light sensor even when Auto Brightness is off.

Many users have noticed that even when you turn off S6 Edge+ Auto Brightness and take it to some dark room, your phone will automatically change the brightness, and even if there is some bright light in contact with the screen, the phone changes brightness of screen, it can be annoying at times, mostly when its night and you’re using phone before sleeping.

S6 Edge+ Auto Brightness

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Auto Brightness Glitch

Many people are trying to find solution of this problem, some have even used third party applications to stop the operating system from giving response to the change in light but nothing is handy till date.

This is really annoying, if you buy a top notch smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and it won’t work as you want it to work. this problem continues if you’re browsing the internet using the night mode of your browser, No matter what you do, the light sensor keep on working on its will. The sensor will turn S6 Edge+ Brightness to maximum under lights or if you are out in sun.

Talking about the solution, There does not seems to be a hardware problem, It’s just an issue of Touchwiz. that is causing this S6 Edge+ Auto Brightness problem.

Many people are furious about it, they have also contacted Samsung regarding this issue, and they have accepted that every S6 edge+ has this Auto Brightness problem.

This problem is only in the S6 Edge+ and there seems to be no fix as of yet, Only thing you can do is to wait till Samsung releases some update to fix this issue.

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If you are suffering from the same problem, and you have found out its solution, Share with us in the comments, Whereas we are trying our best to figure out solution of this problem. As we find out S6 Edge+ auto brightness glitch solution,we will update this post, so keep an eye on this post.

Other than that, users are quite contented with the new Samsung galaxy Edge+, Also share your experience regarding this phone in the comments.

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