Locate Lost Nexus 6

Losing a smartphone at home and office is one of the worst thing ever. If its lost and on silent you feel like pulling your hair out. This happens if you have a kid at home, who takes your phone and puts it at places where a grown up person can’t even think of. Also, some people are very casual about their smartphones and they lost phones like once in six months. Most of the time they just leave it somewhere and forget about it. We can help you to locate lost Nexus 6. If its on silent or you can’t find its location.

There are also cases like you are too drunk at night and when you wake up, you don’t have any slightest idea where you left your phone. Using this guide, not only you can ring your phone if its on silent. you can also see its location on Map where it was last online. So, if you were partying somewhere last night and now you can’t remember where your Nexus 6 is, we can help you figure it out.

There is one trick that can help to Ring and Locate Lost Nexus 6. It is unknown by most of the Nexus 6 users. In the following post, we will talk about that method.

How to Locate Lost Nexus 6 using Android device Manager

On Nexus 6, the operating system of this device provide us with a tool that can be used to perform some actions on your phone remotely. These actions include, Ringing your lost smartphone; Wiping all the data off your phone and putting a new lock on it, so no one can access the data present in it. You can also use this service provided by the Android to Locate your Nexus 6 on Google map, which is very much accurate. Name of this Service is Android Device Manager.

Indeed it is very helpful service. You realise its worth if your phone every gets lost or stolen and you cant figure out where it is. I’ve seen many cases that the phone is at the office or home and people are worried that it might have been stolen by someone. So, using this service you can be sure where it is. You can make it ring if its on silent and if you are sure that It is stolen by someone, you can lock it and wipe its data.

Lets move on to our guide on How to Locate Lost Nexus 6. If its on silent or its stolen.

All you need for this guide to work is that your google account should be logged into your lost phone. In most of the cases it is logged in. As you access the google play store using your google account or you may call it Gmail account.

  • Now if you have Google Account on your Phone, open the following link.
  • Android Device Manager
  • When you will open Android Device manager it will ask you to login. Use same google account you used in your Android phone to login.
  • After Logging in you will see screen as follows. It will show you your phone location and number of actions you can perform on it remotely.

Locate Lost Nexus 6


  • Features includes, Ring your phone, If you’ll click on it. Your Nexus 6 will ring for five minutes on its maximum volume even if its on Silent. You can locate it, push the power button and it will stop ringing.
  • There is also an option to lock and erase. It will Erase all the content in your phone and lock your phone. A non-tech person will never be able to get over that lock.

The map shows very accurate location of your phone on Google Maps. So it can be very convenient for you to find it. If you left it somewhere.

I hope this guide was useful for you. You still have any issue? let us know in the comments. If this trick worked out to Locate Lost Nexus 6. Do give us feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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