Download Whatsapp for PC

Whatsapp is a messaging app used for not just sending text messages, but also audio messages and attachments like photos and videos etc. It also allows you to share a user location. It has recently provided the calling option which has become very popular in the user community. Because of its multiple options provided for the users and the efficient services provided on several platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian and Tizan, the user number had raised to above 800 million active users.

Irrespective of several platforms, WhatsApp Inc. still didn’t provide any version for PC. With the advancement in technology, you are now able to Download Whatsapp for PC. Whatsapp on PC facilitates the users by allowing them to multitask using one device only i-e using PC only instead of working on cell phone and PC. Hence the user compliance has improved.

Download Whatsapp for PC using Wassapp

Running Whatsapp on PC requires Android Emulator as Windows or Mac PCs don’t support Android applications. But now through Wassapp, that is an external client software, you can chat with your Whatsapp contacts on PC.

Note: There are many other ways to download Whatsapp for PC. If Wassapp didn’t seem interesting to you then click on the link given below to see other methods.

Download Wassapp

Follow the steps in sequence to download Wassapp on your PC.

Step 1: Click on the given link to download Wassapp.

Download Wassapp

Step 2: After downloading, a window will open. Click on Continue button and then Install button.
Step 3: Once installation process has completed, you have to complete login process by entering your Mobile number with a country code and password.
(If you were using Android phone then your password will be your phone’s IMEI. If you were using iPhone then your password will be WiFi Mac Address.)

Download Whatsapp for PC
Step 4: Now, complete the verification process by selecting either SMS or Voice Call.
Step 5: After selecting any method of verification of your choice, click on Request code.
Step 6: Shortly, you will receive a verification code which you will enter to proceed.

That’s it. If you want to know any thing else regarding how to download Whatsapp for PC using Wassapp then let me know in the comments below.

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