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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 just hit the shelf a few days earlier and by no surprise, it has taken the market by storm. A lot of Samsung’s customers have already got their hands on this new device and are experiencing absolutely nothing less then supreme quality from their new Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

However, there have been some cases where people have to deal with the possibility of the Note 5 S Pen stuck inside the body of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Stuck Inside The Body

This is not that much of a famous issue that the users are experiencing, but it really is a big one if something like this happens as it can result in damaging your device or the S pen itself. It all comes down to only one thing though. Do not insert the S pen inside your Note 5 the wrong way. That is, it is meant to be inserted point-first not butt-first. Although it may seem like your S Pen can be inserted inside of your device butt-first but the fact remains that this is not the way the S Pen is to be inserted inside of your device.

Samsung introduced a new S Pen design along with the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You may call this a design flaw, but this is exactly the scenario right now and some people, carelessly, have had the pleasure of inserting their S Pens into their devices the wrong way and it didn’t please them as much.

The new design of the S Pen features a Spring Click, just like you would see on an ordinary ball point. Inserting the S Pen backwards results in the S Pen getting caught up with the Spring-Loaded section of the S Pen holder, which causes the S Pen to get stuck inside of the device and, when tried to remove forcefully, damages your device and the same might happen to your S Pen as well.

What Should Samsung Do?

Samsung might try one of the followings:

  • Samsung needs to work with its warranty provider and the carriers and their warranty providers on this. It’s sure to be a relatively small amount of devices, and there’s no reason to not do the right thing and help folks out. Charge $50 or $100 or whatever for the swap, but keep it reasonable.
  • And Samsung needs to come out and do that publicly, and quickly.
  • Update the TouchWiz software so that you get the warning about how to insert the stylus the very first time you pull it out. And make it one of those “Tap this box to never see this again” warnings.
  • The Note 4 had a little warning if you tried to put its pen in backward. Is it possible to get that back?
  • Then put that same warning in the box on one of those little pieces of paper we never read.
  • Or maybe as a stencil on one of those plastic screen protectors you have to take off before you can use the phone

Feel free to leave your thoughts by commenting below and we’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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