Recover Data from Note 2 Broken Screen

When Note 2 was released, it was quite expensive. Although I couldn’t afford it, But I was amazed to see its size and its features. It was the time when smartphones were not common. Owning the latest smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was a huge thing. These are the stories of past, and then came a day. I saw the very same Note 2 falling down from a friend’s hand and its screen shattering. There wasn’t much information regarding how to Recover data from Note 2 broken screen. So this guide is for those who have suffered the same loss.

A Note 2 broken screen might be more expensive than the phone itself. So buying a new screen isn’t what a wise person would do. The memories stored inside it, must be very important. Although no one gives much importance to old smartphones like Note 2 But I know the importance of the personal data present inside a broken screen phone. and when there seems to be no way to recover it.

Well many of you guys might have not trashed a broken Note 2 yet. It has personal information and memories which can not be trashed. This guide on how to recover data from Note 2 broken screen can help them out too.

Now moving on to the guide, make sure you have tried the easy methods to recover data from note 2 broken screen. First of all try connecting your note 2 with laptop. If you had a pin-code or pattern lock. Then you won’t be able to see the data present inside your note 2 on your PC. Also try USB debugging mode and KIES.

If you have already tried the above solutions and they didn’t work. Now move on to this guide from which I can guarantee your 100% data can be restored. Only thing that might be troublesome for you is that it is a bit technical method.

But you shouldn’t worry, You can’t damage the already broken Note. So if you don’t have any hope for recovering data from any other methods. Try the below method, Which will help you to recover data from broken note 2.

Note: You will be able to recover data from note 2 broken screen using this guide only if your motherboard is not damaged. As the data is stored in motherboard. If only the screen is damaged then the below guide will work perfectly.Recover Data from Note 2 Broken Screen

Recover Data from Note 2 Broken Screen

For this Method to work, you will need a working Note 2 as well. You can borrow it from some friend. Or you can just buy a scrap note 2 with working screen. All you need is a Note 2.

In this method, You will remove the clips of LCD present on the back of your broken note 2. Attach them with a working Note 2 Screen. Unlock the screen and attach the USB cable and transfer all your data to your PC. Then remove the working screen. Attach the motherboard back to the broken screen. And then you can send your phone to claim the insurance as the data inside is now safe on your PC.

These days there is no point of buying a new LCD screen of Note 2. It will cost you more than the phone itself. So after you recover data from note 2 broken screen. It is better that you sale your smartphone in parts.

Now moving on to the steps on how you can recover data from note 2 broken screen:

  • First of all watch this tutorial to see how to remove the back lid and screws of motherboard covering. You dont have to completely disassemble Note 2. Just see how to remove the screws and back lid.

(Just Watch the above tutorial till they remove the clips of LCD from the back of Note 2.)

  • Remove the Covering Of Motherboard.
  • Unclip the wires of LCD as shown in the pictures below.

Recover Data from Note 2 Broken Screen Note2

  • Now you have to perform the above mentioned steps on the working Note 2 you borrowed from your friend.
  • Now Attach the Cables of WORKING NOTE 2 with the motherboard of BROKEN SCREEN NOTE 2.
  • After attaching, Turn on your Note 2 from which you have to recover data. Connect it with the PC using USB cable.
  • Transfer all your data into your PC.
  • Now after pulling all the data from Note 2 broken screen. Attach the broken screen back to the motherboard and pack up the other Note 2. Now you are good to go. Data is recovered.

Let us know in the comments, if you have any issue or problem regarding how to recover data from Note 2 broken screen. If you successfully performed this guide and recovered your data. Give us feedback, we would love to hear from you.

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3 years ago

i bought the device and two days after it broken… Now I have decided to buy a rugged phone, i bought an AGM x1 and i am very happy. No screen protector, no insurence and the performance are very good