ring and locate lost galaxy s6

Now you don’t have to pull your hair getting furious while finding your lost Samsung S6. Many people suffer through this grave problem of forgetting where we put our smartphone and then spending hours finding it. Knowing it’s not stolen, it’s somewhere in the house or office, but on silent mode. So you can’t call it and it will ring to tell you “Hey I am Here. Other situations, in which you have misplaced your phone or if it is stolen. You can use this guide to track it, make it ring, delete the data present in it or locate lost Galaxy S6.

Even sometimes friends hide your phone, just to create panic that your phone is stolen. So here is a trick that will ring and locate lost Galaxy S6 even if it is on silent mode. There are actually two methods to do this, one method helps you to ring and locate lost Samsung Galaxy S6 via Android Find my Device and the other method locates your phone via Samsung’s service named as Find My Mobile.

How to track and locate lost Galaxy S6:

Moving on to the guide. Following methods to locate lost S6 are really easy to implement but there are some conditions of being logged into your Gmail account or your Samsung account on your lost phone. That’s why I am mentioning two methods, so if you only have access to either Google account or your Samsung account. You can make it ring and find your lost phone using that service. For these both methods to work you only have to have a PC, Laptop or some other smartphone with access to the internet. Also that, you don’t have to download any third party software on your PC in order to ring and locate lost Galaxy S6.

Ring, Track, and Locate lost Samsung Galaxy S6 via Android Find my device:

On every Android Device, you can make use of Google service named as Android Find my device. It allows you to locate your lost phone, ring it; Even if it is on silent mode, lock it. So your data does not get into wrong hands. Or if you’re sure that you will never be able to get your hands on your lost Samsung Galaxy S6 again. You can use this service to wipe all your personal information from it. Including contacts, email, and pictures. This is a very helpful service. In the steps mentioned below, I will tell you how can you ring and locate lost Galaxy S6 using Android Find my device. It’s just a simple two-step process.

  • First of all, you have to Log in to Android Find my device from the same Google/Gmail account that you use on your Galaxy S6 for buying apps from the google play store or for other activities on your Android phone.
  • Now open Android Find my device from the link below on your laptop or another smartphone.

Android Find my device

Locate and Ring Lost Samsung S6

  • To log in to Android Find my device, use the same Gmail account that you used on your phone when you first used your phone and signed up for Google Play Store.
  • After logging in, you will see a map. It will pinpoint to your device location. If your phone is no longer connected to the internet. You will see the date and time when it was last online.
  • There you will also see an option to ring your phone.
  • Click on Ring; Now your lost Samsung Galaxy S6 will ring for 5 minutes. Unless you find it and press the power button to make it stop ringing.

That’s it, I hope this method will help you to ring and locate lost Galaxy S6. If you don’t remember credentials of your Gmail account on your lost Samsung Galaxy S6, you can try the method 2 below. It might be helpful to bring back your lost phone.

Ring, Track and locate lost Galaxy S6 Via Samsung Find my mobile

Moving on the next method on how to track and locate lost Galaxy S6. Well if Android Find my device didn’t work out for you pray that you had a Samsung account on your lost device.

Samsung Find my device service allows you to perform a number of tasks on your phone remotely using your PC or Laptop. You can unlock your device, make it ring, and you can also wipe all the data from your S6 using this service.

Following are the steps on how to ring and locate lost Galaxy S6:

  • First of all open Samsung’s Find my Mobile website.
  • Now you have to Login using the Samsung account credentials. (If you don’t remember your email and password click on forget password and recover your details).
  • After logging in. You’ll see a number of services that you can perform on your Galaxy S6 remotely.
  • Select Ring.
  • Now your lost Samsung S6 will ring for 5 minutes, even if it’s silent. After finding it you can make it stop ringing by pressing the power button.

Ring and locate lost Galaxy S6

This is a very useful trick in order to ring, track and locate lost Galaxy S6. Using this you can also catch the person who was hiding your phone or who stole it.

That’s it from my side. I hope this guide was helpful to ring and locate lost Samsung Galaxy S6. If you have any issue regarding this guide or above-mentioned services Android Find my device or Samsung find my mobile. Let us know in the comments. If this guide helped you to locate your device, do share your story about how you lost it and from where it was found. Cheers.

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3 years ago

i lost my samsung galaxy S6 edge but i have no record of it e.g IMEI, Account etc how can i find it

3 years ago

I lost my s6 and the date is off how do I get my phone back