Get Better Battery Life On LG G4

LG recently released their latest flagship smartphone, the LG g4. LG G4 promises to be an all in one package and a big treat for its customers. Although most of the user of the LG G4 seem to be satisfied with their new device, there are people who claim to have to charge their device at least once in the middle of the day and are not getting the experience that they have heard so much about. Fortunately, iTechify has some workarounds for the users so they may be able to get a better battery life on their LG G4.

The article below has 6 certain workarounds on: How To Get Better Battery Life On LG G4.

Get Better Battery Life On LG G4

How To Get Better Battery Life On LG G4

1. Lower The Screen Brightness When Not Needed

One of the biggest battery drainers on any cellular device is its Display. Although LG G4 comes with a brilliant display which makes it pretty convenient for the users to read anything on their screens while indoors, it becomes just as hard the moment one steps outdoors. That’s when the users have to increase their screen brightness to max capacity.

Keeping a lower screen brightness when not needed saves a lot of battery and boosts it up with a considerable difference. Users can go to their LG G4’s settings and Manually Set The Screen Brightness according to what suits them or they can use the Automatic Brightness feature, which works pretty decently, lowering the brightness whenever it isn’t needed and tweaking it up when it is and Get Better Battery Life On LG G4.


2. Turn Off Wi-Fi & Bluetooth When Not Needed

Most of the people would not consider Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to be battery drainers, as they do not drain your battery as hard as the display does. But the fact remains; whenever you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth device, both of these will continue to search for signals.

Turning of your Wi-Fi when you don’t have a Wi-Fi network around and turning off your Bluetooth when there isn’t a Bluetooth device you need to be connected to will boost up your battery life, even if it is just a tiny bit. Users can simply swipe down their screens to view the Notification Bar Shortcuts and turn their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not needed.


3. Disable The GPS

Some users claim that their devices battery drains faster then anything else when their GPS is turned on. Apart from this, some repeated to have heating issues with their device with their GPS enabled. The trick is as simple as it gets. If you’re not navigating or using a certain app that requires your location in order to work correctly, simply go to your G4’s Settings and disable the GPS in order to Get Better Battery Life On LG G4.

4. Turn Off Background App Syncing

Certain applications constantly Sync Data In The Background. If a user goes inside their G4’s settings and locates the Accounts, they’ll find a list of all the accounts that they are logged onto. The user can then enter each of those accounts individually and see for themselves the data that is syncing in the background.

Disabling any of these services will help you get a better battery life on your G4. One important thing to be noted here is that once a service has been disabled, the user would have to Wait For The Sync there and then whenever the user manually opens the same application again.


5. Battery Saver

The Battery Saver is a feature which can be turned on at any time. Turning this feature off will force the cellular device to stop any unnecessary activity that is not required in order for the cell phone to run.

To turn on the battery saver, simply head towards the G4’s Settings, locate Battery & Power Saving menu and turn on the battery saving mode which should be Bottom Right of the screen.


6. Factory Reset

If everything else fails and you are still wondering why your cell phone is lasting as long as it did when you first bought it, then it’s about time you Factory Reset your device and the next time you set your device up, you keep a close eye on the applications that are draining your battery faster then ever and simply removing them.


We hope that the guide above helps you to Get Better Battery Life On LG G4. Feel free to contact us for any further queries.

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