Ring and locate lost nexus 5 wifi stuck at turning on

Losing smartphones is kind of the worst experience you can suffer through. It is like a part of you is lost, now that phones are such an important part of life. It’s very hard to spend even a day without it. If you are here reading this, I am quite sure you’re going through the same nightmare. In which you feel so lost. There are some tricks which can help you to locate lost nexus 5. One of the easiest mentioned to locate the lost Nexus 5 is mentioned below.

Nexus 5 is one of the most loved and adored Android smartphone. Nexus had record sales after its release and it is still loved by the geeks. Even Google has already released another iteration of Nexus 5 series named as Nexus 5X. So if you have lost your Nexus 5 and you are out of ways to locate it, I have found an easy way to locate lost Nexus 5.

Google has introduced this service named as Android Device manager. It can be used to locate lost Nexus 5 or any other android phone. Using this service you can see the location of your Android phone. You can also lock it so if someone has stolen it. So that person can’t get to your pictures or personal information. Other than that, if you have no hope of locating it and getting it back, you can use this service to wipe all the data present in your Nexus 5.

How to Locate Lost Nexus 5 using Android Find my Device:

Moving on to the guide, there are just a few steps on how you can locate lost Nexus 5. The only prerequisite of this guide is that you should have Google account logged in on your Nexus 5. In most of the cases, one is already logged in to google account.

  • First of all, you have to open Android Find my Device on your Laptop or PC. Follow the link below to open it.

Android Device Manager.

  • Now you have to login to your Google Account, its the same as for Google Plus or Gmail account.
  • Enter your Google account credentials same as of your Android device.

Locate Lost Nexus 5

  • Now you will see a Map, and Google will locate lost Nexus 5. It will also display the information regarding when it was located last time before it went offline, along with the approximate variance in the location. So you can locate it whether you left it at the bus stop or your office or some coffee shop.

Ring or Erase data from lost Nexus 5

There are other three options which are offered by Android device manager, one of them is Lock your phone remotely. Another one is to Erase all your data remotely from your Nexus 5 using your PC. The last option is to Ring your phone at the highest volume even if it is on silent.

If you select the lock option, your device will be locked with a new password. It will be given to you by the android device manager on your PC. So no one can access the data inside it once you have locked it.

Now if you are sure that you can’t locate your lost Nexus 5. The best option is to erase all the data inside it, it can help in order to stop someone getting hands on your personal information.

There is one more service offered by Android device manager. Suppose you have lost your phone inside your home or office and it is on silent, you don’t have to lose your cool. You can just use the ring option of Android device manager to make your smartphone Ring. It will ring with maximum volume for a certain period, once you get your hands on it, you can turn the ringing off by holding the power button for a second or so.

That’s all we have on how to locate lost Nexus 5. If you have some issue or queries let us know in the comments. Als,o share with us your story on how you lost your phone and how you found it back. If you have any confusion regarding this guide, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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2 days ago

Thanks for this article! I’m so heartbroken, I’ve been retracing my steps for hours…I tried Google’s Find My Device, but when I click “Set Up Secure & Erase” it just says “Notification sent” – nothing else happens. I guess the good thing is there have been no outgoing calls and no charges to my Venmo account. I called TMobile and closed the account – but they couldn’t block the IMEI for some reason. I tried installing Plan B, but no response yet. It’s a Nexus 5, maybe it’s too old to work?