Recover data from Note 4 Broken Screen

No matter how much the smartphones manufacturing companies try to work on durability of phones, you never know when bad luck strikes and leaves you with a broken phone. Accidents don’t ask before coming and one of the worst case is ending up with a broken phone. In this case, we are particularly talking about how to recover data from Note 4 broken screen. Firstly, I would recommend you to use precautionary measures in the form of side covers and tempered screen protectors. If you have spent a lot of money in buying an expensive Note 4, then you should also spend some amount for protecting it against the mishaps.

Now moving on to the guide. If you have a Note 4 with broken screen and you want to recover data before you dispose it or send it for fixing or claiming its insurance.

First of all use the easy methods like Recover data from connecting phone to PC via Data cable or KIES. If you have already tried it and still you are unable to access your Note 4 broken screen, because you had a passcode on it and now you can’t enter the passcode to unlock the screen.

Now let’s move on to the trick which can help you to recover data from note 4 broken screen. It’s not a hard trick, its just unknown by the masses. Using it you can recover everything from your smartphone, including pictures, contacts and videos.

Note: It’s good to always keep a backup of your smartphone data on either the cloud or your PC.

Recover Data from Note 4 Broken Screen:

The guide on how to recover data is very easy, just few steps and you get access to your smartphone and then you can copy all your personal belongings residing in your note 4 broken screen onto your computer.

To take benefit from this trick, you have to have a Samsung account. If you already have registered with the Samsung services, then there is no problem recovering data.

If you don’t have samsung account, may be this guide can help you out but it requires taking off the damaged screen and replacing it with a working one to copy the data.

Now If your device is registered with Samsung Account. Move on to following steps in order to recover data from Note 4 broken screen.

  1. First step is to login from your samsung account onto this useful service named as Samsung Find my Mobile. Its same like Apple’s service “Find my iPhone“.
  2. After you have logged in, you will see list of actions you can perform on your smartphone remotely from this page. Samsung offer a lot of services on your smartphone remotely.
  3. Recover data from Note 4 Broken ScreenNow select the option of “Remotely unlock my phone”.
  4. It will unlock your phone and you can now access data present inside it.
  5. Connect your smartphone with the computer using data cable. Transfer your files onto your computer, or use KIES or SmartSwitch to access the contacts and messages.

If this method didn’t work out for you and you were not able to recover data from note 4 broken screen. Then use the method below. Although the method below is time  consuming and frustrating but in the end you will be able to recover data from Note 4 broken screen.

2nd Method to Recover Data from Note 4 Broken Screen

If the previous method didn’t work for you as it has a number for privacy constraints. Use the method below as many people have reported that they are able to recover data from Note 4 broken using the method below:


  • This method is a bit time-consuming. But in the end, you will be able to unlock recover data from Note 5 broken screen.
  • This method will work even if your screen and digitizer aren’t working. but the rest of phone should be functional and also it should be powered on.


  • USB mouse
  • Pencil and a Paper
  • USB DATA transfer Cable

At one end of the OTG cable, there is a female USB port where you can connect a mouse and the other end of OTG cable connects your NOTE 4


After you have got a mouse and OTG cable. You might also need a note 4 from a friend. This is to practice using the mouse with no visual aid.

  • Connect the mouse to a working Note 4 and practice use of a mouse to move around the screen till you have mastered this skill.
  • Another option is that you put a thin paper-like tissue paper on the screen on working Note 4 while the phone is at the lock screen. You will be able to see the keys through the paper. Draw the keys on the paper. When you will be entering the password on your broken Note 4 to recover data, this paper will help you to draw estimate location of each key.
  • Recommended Option:
    • Draw a square on the paper.
    • Move the cursor to any corner of the screen.
    • Put the mouse in the middle of the paper.
    • Reach a specific key on your phone using the mouse.
    • Draw the route that you used to reach the specific key on paper
    • Mark it with letter of the alphabet.
    • You can also draw the whole scenario of entering the passcode on paper. Once you have made the pattern to enter a passcode on paper. This paper will be used in the next part of this guide to enter the passcode on Galaxy Note 4.

Guide on how to recover data from note 4 broken screen

Now move forward to actual guide to recover data from Note 4 broken screen:

  1. First, connect OTG to your phone and connect the USB mouse to other ends of OTG cable.
  2. Now that you have connected mouse on your phone, a cursor will be present on the interface but you won’t be able to see it. Now use the skill you learned before using the phone with no visual aid
  3. The lock screen pattern you made on tissue paper. Put it on the display screen of broken note 4 and you can also use the pattern that you made putting the mouse on paper for directions to reach a specific key.
  4. Increase the volume full using the volume keys.
  5. Press the power button to take your phone to lock screen. (If you are not sure whether the phone is at the lock screen or not wait for a minute. Your phone will go to sleep, now press the power button to take it back to lock screen).
  6. Now move the cursor to the far end of your screen. Now visualize the location of cursor and keypad in your mind and gradually take the cursor to the first letter or alphabet of your password.
  7. Move the cursor to the far end and bring it back to next letter or alphabet of your password. You will be able to unlock your password. (you might be able to unlock in 3-5 attempts)
  8. Using the same technique you have to enter your whole password. You will get an audio signal from the phone after entering each key.
  9. Once the phone is unlocked.
  10. Remove the OTG cable and connect your phone to PC or laptop using USB data transfer cable.
  11. Now you will be able to access data.


  • If you messed up the route to get the specific key then use the power button to put the phone to sleep and wait for few seconds then press the power button again to get back to lock screen.
  • Your phone locks after 30 sec or 1 min. so use volume button after every 10 sec to keep it awake.
  • Once you have recovered data from your broken screen Note 4. It is recommended that you wipe your phone remotely. So that when you sale it or send it for replacement. No stranger can get his hands on your personal data. Use this guide to erase all the contents of your phone remotely.

That’s it, I hope this guide helped you to recover data from Note 4 broken screen. If you have any issue, we would love to help you through it, just drop a comment and we will get back to you. If this guide helped you, do give us your feedback. Donate using the button on the right side of the screen to keep our servers live so we can help others as well.

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Carlos Menendez
Carlos Menendez
5 years ago

Wait, did you just rip this off of XDA?

Abdullah Akbar Shafi
5 years ago

Nope… I used this trick to recover data from by broken S2 back in the days.. It still works.. 🙂

Carlos Menendez
Carlos Menendez
5 years ago

This comment thread is under “Why a Nexus Phone is More Important than Ever”. However discus has it under, “How to Recover Data from Note 4 Broken Screen”.

Abdullah Akbar Shafi
5 years ago

Lol…I thought youre talking about this article…

4 years ago

cant connect with usb cable

4 years ago

Extremely useful. thank you so much. i was so worried that i would have to wipe my phone and not be able to get anything off of it before i sent it out to the insurance. pics, vids, music. Using this guide i was able to move everything i needed to my SD card.

dhanwant singh
4 years ago

Hello brother I just broke my note 4 screen I dont have Samsung account please can you help me out thank you.

4 years ago

You are the man! Worked for me.

4 years ago

my screen is broken and so is the lcd how can I get my stuff back

4 years ago

I had a question. I have two phones and my Samsung account is current with my new phone. I have a new phone because my note 4’s screen is black and I cannot access it using wondershare or any other software. how can I reset the old phone to the Samsung account

3 years ago

Absolute garbage, I’m sorry but don’t make a guide to retrieve data off a phone with a broken screen and have one of the steps be “learn to navigate the phone without the screen before this. You’ve not only wasted my time but this method DOESN’T WORK for anyone trying to recover data off a phone that has no visuals being output.

19 days ago

Thank you! I managed to recover data from my Note4 using method number 1. Why is this not more widely shared by Samsung for their users that they can do this????