Modern Command

Modern Command is one of the best strategic games on Google Play Store and IOS. It gives you the best experience of being a commander. In this game, you build your base and then you have to protect it from your enemies. You can use guns, bomber jets, missile launchers and many more to defend your base. Coins will be awarded to you at the end of each battle.  You can unlock and use all the provided weapons and can make the battle more difficult for your enemies.

It’s always fun to play such strategic games. Imagine the whole battle field is in your hands. Isn’t it awesome? Now imagine you can play this game on much larger screen than your 4” or 5” smartphone. Yes, now you can play Modern Command on your PCs.

Modern Command

There are two methods to run android games on PC.

  1. Run Android Apps and games inside your Chrome browser.
  2. Run Android Apps and games via BlueStacks.

First Method

If you have a Chrome browser installed on your PC then you can have fun with all your favorite Android apps. Here, you can follow the step by step guide to run Modern Command inside your Chrome browserTo follow the steps, click the link given below.

Note: The above mentioned guide is not specifically for Modern Command but for general apps and games. But you can run Modern Command in Chrome browser by following the guide step by step.

Second Method

If you want to play Modern Command on your PC then you can run this game via BlueStacks. Follow the given steps to download and install the game.


If your PC has Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Mac installed in it then you can follow the rest of the steps. BlueStacks do not work with any of the other OS’s.

Download BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks is an Android emulator. It enables Android applications to run on Windows and Mac PCs. If you do not have BlueStacks installed in your PC then download it from the link given below.

After downloading BlueStacks, complete the installation process.

Download Modern Command

Step 1: Setup your account on Google Play Store. If you already have one then skip this step.
Step 2: You can see the search bar at top of the page. Type “Modern Command” in the search bar and hit enter.
Step 3: Find the required game from the list of search results and click it.
Step 4: Once you click the Install button, installation process will start.
Step 5: Once installation process has completed, Modern Command will be placed in App Drawer.
Step 6: Now, Open App Drawer of BlueStacks.
Step 7: You’ll find Modern Command here.
Step 8: Now, to play the game, just click on it.

Note: First you have to run BlueStacks in order to run any downloaded game or app.

Now, in order to play this amazing strategic game on your Windows or Mac PC, just follow the guide. If you are facing any problem while following the steps, then please let us know in the comments below.

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