Speed up Android phone

Android is a powerful operating system that is powering hundreds of millions of smartphones all over the world, Pioneer of android that is Google is striving hard to keep up their operating system to the expectations of users, Started from a very basic operating system, Now Android can perform numerous tasks that first required different machinery or computer systems, This includes medical application along with numerous applications that are helping people in their profession. Now smartphones are a common commodity, Used by almost 65% of world population and by 2018 it is expected that 3.56 billion people will start using smartphones that is almost quarter of world population

Moving on to our topic, it is seen that Android smartphones start lacking in performance after sometime. Depending upon how you use your phone. In most of the cases the decrease in performance is because of some external malicious code which is now part of your system. Number of apps consuming your physical memory when you dont have enough memory. Even the latest Android phones start behaving unusually and their performance decreases if you dont take good care of its security.

Speed up Android phone

Although there are number of Apps in Google play store that can help you to speed up android phone. Below I have mentioned very basic steps for layman or for the people who have got Android phone for the very first time.

Speed up Android Phone; Top 5 Tips.

  • Keep it Updated

The developers of operating systems in this case Google, releases updates to fix the bugs and problem of OS after some intervals. Operating system update also has some new tweaks. This ‘Over the air updates’ direct from the OS developer is best way to keep your Android phone up to date with performance. Never hesitate in updating your phone. You can check if the updates is available by going to General> Software Update. 

Installing these OTA update is best tip to Speed up Android phone.

  • Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

There are apps that you install once and after few uses you stop using that app or game. It is in best interest of your Android phone that you should delete those apps. As every app present in your main memory uses a part of your physical memory hence leaving lesser amount of memory for other important apps to perform their functions. In order to speed up android phone you should delete such apps that are no longer necessary along with that, there are some stock apps pre-installed. Many of them you never use, you should also get rid of them.

  • Perform Factory Reset

Factory reset as the name stats takes your Android phone to to its factory conditions. Most of the times it gets as smooth as a new smartphone, If you use your android phone without any security precaution and you dont mind downloading anything from the internet. It is very much recommended to perform a factory reset once in a while, It erases all your memory and along with it all the malicious codes that hinder the performance of OS are eliminated hence one of the best way to speed up android phone is factory reset.

Note: Make sure you Backup your Data including messages and contacts before you perform factory reset, It is always recommended to keep your Android phone synced with Google cloud so that you never lose your data even if you lose your Android phone.

  • Install Stock or Custom ROM once in a While

Installing a Stock ROM is same like purchasing a new smartphone. For layman Installing Stock ROM means that you completely reinstall the operating system of your Smartphone, It is beneficial if there is some bug that’s hindering in the performance of your Operating system and you have tried factory reset and still that issue is not fixed.There are times when the OS is affected by some malicious code and it is needed to be reinstalled. Flashing a Stock or custom ROM is a bit tricky and technical But there are guides on the internet which can guide you to perform it on your Android phone.

So if nothing helps to regain the expected performance or to speed up android phone. The last option is to Install a Stock or Custom ROM. There are number of great custom ROM’s that are worth trying if you have had enough of your stock user interface, That’s the beauty of Android.

  • Avoid Non-Google Play Apps

The apps that are present in Google play store are first checked according to the standard of google which are quite strict then uploaded to their app store. There are number of factors hat are considered before uploading any app on Google Play store. It includes if the apps consumes unnecessary power or physical memory. So in order to maintain the performance of your Android phone always opt for the apps present in Google play store. There are some developers whose apps are developed for commercial purpose. They don’t consider the non-functional requirements like reliability, performance and security while developing the apps.

These are the basic or you may call it Top 5 tips to speed up android phone. If you know any more of them let us know in the comments.

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