backup android without root

If you have a number of devices and have a large amount of data which you want to backup then you must use Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) along with ADB commands which can easily backup your device with a single command. Following is a step to step guide on how to backup Android without Root.


You must install the following tools on your computer in order to proceed.

You can find the Android SDK in Android Studio.

Enabling USB Debugging

In order to establish a connection between your android device and Android SDK, you must have to set up your device. For this, you have to enable USB debugging. To enable USB debugging mode

  • Go to “Settings
  • Go to “Developer options
  • Some devices don’t show “Developer options”. If your device is also not showing this, you have to enable it. To enable Build number,
  • Go to “Settings
  • Tap “About device
  • Tap “Build number” seven times
  • Now you will see “Developer options” within “Settings”. Here you can see “USB debugging”. Mark the check box next to it to enable it.

Now establish a connection between your PC and android device via USB. Ensure that Android Studio is running on the PC.

Install Google USB Driver

Follow these steps to install Google USB Driver in Android Studio.

  • Open “Android Studio
  • Then click “Configure
  • A Configure window will open. Click “Android SDK Manager
  • Android SDK Manager will open. Scroll down and find “Google USB Driver”. Mark the check box next to “Google USB Driver
  • Now you are done. Click “Install” to complete the process

Test Android Debug Bridge (adb)

You must test Android Debug Bridge (ADB) to make sure that it is communicating with your device correctly without suspending. For that reason, locate the path where the SDK was installed. If you don’t know or remember the path,

  • Open “Android SDK Manager”. Here you can find the exact path at the top of it.
  • Open “Windows Explorer” and locate the path.
  • Now go to “Platform-tools” folder.
  • Now you have to open “Command Window”. For that, hold down the “Shift” key and right-click within that folder, and select the “Open Command Window
  • To make sure adb can communicate with your device without suspending, test it by entering the command “adb devices
  • The output of this command must be your device in the form of a long string of characters

Backup your Android Phone:

Now you are done with all the necessary steps to create a backup android without root. Enter the following command in the same “Command Window

adb backup -apk -shared -all -f C:\Users\NAME\backup.ab

Note: In the path that is given Name is the name of your Windows username

A new screen will appear on your device asking for the password. If you want to encrypt the backup, enter a password or just tap on “Back up my data” in case you don’t want to encrypt the backup. A backup will be created in the folder that was declared in the backup command.

The above-mentioned steps will help you to create a full backup of your Android device. Now if you want to restore the data, follow these steps.


Connect the device you want to restore. Enter the following command in “Command Window

adb restore C:\Users\NAME\backup.ab

Note: In the path that is given Name is the name of your Windows username.

These steps will restore the data.

Update: You can also use Helium App Sync and Backup app to backup android without root.

If you face any problem in backing up or in the process of restoring the backup, feel free to ask for the solutions in the comments. Also, share your successful experience of backing up android through this method

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