Broken Galaxy S6 Edge

I have seen some videos proving that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is unbreakable. During the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, there was no mention of a screen being indestructible. The S6 edge being equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 might save it from breaking from every day falls but it won’t save your phone if it falls from a height. Accidents can happen at any time and no matter how much you protect your phone. If something is supposed to happen to it, you cant stop it. Okay, the damage is done. you have your broken Galaxy S6 Edge now, what’s the next step? how to get back the data you have on it before you can claim the insurance or you can get another one. In this guide, I will guide you on how you can recover data from broken Galaxy S6 edge that too without any third party software.

Before moving on to the trick that will help you recover data from Broken Galaxy S6 Edge. First, make sure you have tried the easy methods like Using USB debugging mode or using KIES. but if you have screen pattern lock or security code and your phone booted after it fell and broke up. Then you might not be able to access the data using a USB cable unless you unlock the screen first.

Recover data from Galaxy S6 Broken Screen:

If you are looking for a way to unlock the screen to access to your data that is present on your broken galaxy S6 edge. Well, I am glad that I can help you with it. All you have to have is a Samsung Account. If you have a registered account at Samsung and you have enabled remote controls in the settings of your phone. Then you can easily recover the data including contacts etc after unlocking your screen.

Tip: You should always make a backup of your phone on your MAC or PC, It will help you to get your data back if you have lost your phone or it’s broken. See this guide on how to make a complete backup of Galaxy S6

How To Recover Data From Galaxy Broken Galaxy S6 Edge Screen

Moving on to the method to recover data from broken Galaxy S6 Edge. By following the guide below, you will be able to remotely unlock your Galaxy S6 edge using the Samsung Account.

Note: You must have a Samsung account on your S6 edge; If you want this service to work. It is the same service like Apple’s Find my iPhone.

  1. First of all, you have to log in from your Samsung account credentials on Samsung’s Find my Mobile service.
  2. Broken Galaxy S6 EdgeOnce you have logged in. You will see all the actions you can remotely perform on your broken S6 Edge.
  3. You will see an option to remotely unlock your phone or Unlock screen remotely.
  4. Unlock your phone using it.
  5. Now connect your Broken Galaxy S6 edge with your MAC or PC. And recover the data using KIES or Smart Switch or just transfer your files using the standard copy paste.

That is it, I hope this method works out for you guys. Having issues regarding anything in this guide let me know in the comments. If it works for you and you get back your data, feedback would really cheer me up. If you have any confusion in the guide above feel free to contact us.

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